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Setting Display Grids in Windows 8

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    Setting Display Grids in Windows 8

    I discovered how to set up a display grid in Windows 7 using AMD's Catalyst Vision Controller which manages my three screen display. In Windows 7 I could set the display grid to equal the individual displays, then if a window appears on any one of my screens when I hit MAX box the program fills only the screen it is on, not all three. I find having a window open across all three (55" one end to the other) is shall I say sub-0ptimal.

    BUT I find in Windows 8 there is no option to set the display grid in AMD's Catalyst program. I'm using a dual boot system so all other factors are equal, just the OS has changed, it is even the same version of Catalyst.

    What I want is an easy way to have the program just use one of my three screens rather than all the screens at once. Some programs are great across all the screens, eg Flight Simulators give you a great wide view from you virtual cockpit, or driving games where it is like the view through the windshield and two side windows. Very nice. But it is too wide for some other programs, and sometimes I want one program window open on a side screen to watch the football game, while editing photos on the other screen.

    So how do I do this?

    PS I did try searching for display grid but way too many hits for software developers.

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    Fixed ~ downloaded Hydragrid from the AMD website, its an option to be manually added. Great to have when working on a wide array of monitors.
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Setting Display Grids in Windows 8
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