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Video drivers prevent boot up.

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    Video drivers prevent boot up.

    I have a 3 monitor setup that worked flawlessly in Win7. Main monitor is driven by the onboard Intel HD4000 and the other two monitors by an old Nvidia Quadro Fx540. Main monitor is DVI-D the other two VGA.

    Upgrade proceeded without trouble and the Win8 Microsoft included drivers for the cards installed fine, 3 monitor displays all working at the correct resolution. I then installed the latest Win8 drivers from Asus(the mother board mfctr) and Nvidia. On restart the splash screen with the blue window logo and the spinning dots appears, screens then go black and then flicker light to black with lots of hdd activity but the system will not boot any further.

    I can go into safe mode and change the drivers back to the Microsoft supplied ones and it all works fine but windows update keeps trying to install updated drivers despite having set the do not install drivers from windows update option. When it installs the updates I get the same hung boot problem.

    I have tried removing the second card, deleting all drivers, tried the drivers direct from intel all with the same result.

    I can live with using the original Microsoft drivers that work but I can find no mention on any forums of this problem and hope to find a solution so that the drivers can be updated in the future.

    Anyone had similar or know a solution?

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    I have had a similar issue with my NVidia card and a Windows update where everything was fine until the update. From the research I've done on the problem it appears that Windows 8 does not sit well with multiple updates and if one fails the system will not start. When I rolled back all the updates within that particular set, all was well again. As a result I have turned off automatic updates until this issue is resolved.

    I had a similar problem with Windows 7. An update had so devestated my system, I was forced to do a reinstall. Needless to say I am not a fan of Windows Updates. For drivers I would rather update manually.
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    It is definitely related to a driver update but not just due to windows update. If I do a manual update using the latest drivers from Asus and Nvidia I get the problem. I have disabled driver updates from windows update but windows update was still trying to perform the update!
    After a little more research I used Driver Fusion to uninstall the video drivers and then installed the most current Intel driver from Asus for the motherboard on board graphics and it worked. I did the same for the Nvidia card but after installing the most current Nvidia driver I got the same hang up as before so have had to go back to the original driver supplied by Microsoft for that card.
    It seems like there is fight going over which driver is installed. At done point I'll replace the old Nvidia card and see what happens. I don't need high end gaming graphics I use 3 monitors for working not gaming.
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Video drivers prevent boot up.
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