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Windows 8 no video, etc

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    Windows 8 no video, etc

    Hi, not sure where to post this

    Upgraded my HP dv7- 4283cl laptop to Windows 8. Worked, but said I needed a new video driver, which I dl'ed from aTI all was fine, but once in a while on wake up I wouldn't get video. If I hit the power button briefly, and then again, it would start up again with no problem. Very intermittent. I got a notice that the HP power management would not work and I would need to see the HP site for an upgrade. I didn't think this was critical and was going to investigate.
    Today, I closed and moved the laptop (in sleep mode) and tried to use it without the power adapter. Now I get no video after the Windows logo with the revolving circle. It goes to a blue screen and then I hear the familiar Windows start up tones, but that's it. I can see the mouse icon. Could there be a conflict with the energy saving video? It does the same thing plugged in.

    I also can't get into safe mode...I can get to Startup settings but when I press 4 (or F4) then nothing happens. Press enter, nothing happens. Frozen there with no way to get out but turn off power.

    it just allowed me into safe mode after half a dozen tries...
    Now what?

    Any help, please?

    Says no AMD graphics driver is installed or it's not working properly...No network and I'm afraid to get out of safe mode to try safe mode with network...don't know how it finally worked. Is there a way to check the driver?
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    Bump...any ideas, please?

    i uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, got a message ""failed to load detection driver". The card and driver still appear in device manager.
    Tried to boot in lo-res, but got a black screen.
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Windows 8 no video, etc
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