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Graphics card AMD Radeon 7670 not being used in Windows 8

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    Graphics card AMD Radeon 7670 not being used in Windows 8

    Hi all,

    Here's the description of my problem:

    Graphics Card

    AMD Radeon 7670 DDR3 1Gb

    AMD Catalyst Driver Version, and Driver History
    - current driver:

    Operating System
    - Windows 8 Pro x64 64-bit

    Issue Details
    - I just bought a new laptop and put Windows 8 on it. However, it seems that my GPU is not working. There was a triangle with an exclamation mark in Device Manager. After some searching I managed to get it "fixed", trying drivers, catalyst controll center and Windows FixIt. However, I think this changed nothing, as it still is my CPU which handles all the graphics. I downloaded tools to see what my GPU was up to. FurMark says my GPU is constanty 0į, GPU-Z says it has aconstant GPU-load of 100%, and GPU Shark says 0.0%. So something is up...
    -I first noticed this because I get lower-than-expected FPS in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, even though I put all my graphics settings on low and I have a 1Gb GPU.

    Motherboard or System Make & Model

    Display Device(s) and Connection(s) Used
    Built-in laptop screen

    CPU Details
    - Intel Core i5-3210M @ 2.50GHz, Clockspeed: 2.5 GHz, Turbo Speed: 3.1 GHz, No of Cores: 2
    - No overclocking

    Motherboard BIOS Version
    - P04AAL, brand: I donít know, Eureka if that is possible

    System Memory Type & Amount
    - 8Gb DDR3, I donít not the brand because itís not the standard memory, normally itís 4Gb Sodimm, so perhaps 8Gb Sodimm

    Additional Hardware
    - none

    Additional Details
    - The system is new and has been checked for viruses and spyware
    - hardware shouldnít be faulty as I bought the laptop a couple of days ago

    Could I get some help with this please?


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    Hi you should get a fps even from the chips graphics. Open up catalyst and have a look to see if it is set to enabled. Check your bios f1 or del on boot and have a look to see what settings you have and if your dedicated gpu is detected. Also that cpu can be set to turbo at 3.1 ghz. You can use amd auto detect to update drivers.
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    Windows 8


    justmork, I did get enough fps from chip graphics, but that didn't suffice for me, I'd rather use it like it's supposed to, with my GPU. My GPU is now working, although I still don't understand why. I was an idiot at first: I installed Catalyst, but because it made some adjustments of his own, I thought that was all there was to do. After your message I actually thought of opening up the CCC. It did recognize my grahics card, but the settings weren't maxed. I put them to performance, and suddenly my GPU-monitoring tool (GPU_Z) did find my graphics card, and gave de right load/temp/... values and better FPS in-game.

    In conclusion: I do not know why all of a sudden the GPU-monitoring tool recognized the GPU and how I got the GPU working (I did reÔnstall the tool, maybe the earlier version was corrupt or not Windows 8 complient, which gave the wrong values), but after putting the performance of my GPU to performance, it was OK.

    Only bummer: still not getting the FPS I would expect. Getting 60-100 now, where I would expect 150-200 (a friend of mine gets this FPS with a similar laptop, only his laptop is 3 years older. He has 0.03 Ghz more, but I have 4 Gb more RAM memory)

    Thanks for your help justmork!
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    Download fraps and it will show you how many fps for all your different games. Compare eith friends computer. Not all games run at the same speed, but you will find fraps will give you real time estimates.
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Graphics card AMD Radeon 7670 not being used in Windows 8
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