Hi guys,

I tried to understand you sticky postings but I am just a normal windows user and this is beyong my knowledge and understanding. Kindly help me out with some hints, wht I need to do:

Trouble: Installed the purchased upgrade of Win8 over Win7. Running a HD mobility Radeon HD 5650 GFX. Worked all fine for 1,5 years under win7, now, after the update, I have that yellow sign in front of the gfx card in hardware manager - guess, its misisng the driver?!

Tried solutions:
Downloaded and installed ACER (my laptop) recommended gfx driver from acer page for my system. Restarted. Still yellow. Went to AMD, downloaded catalyst 12.10 and deinstalled old, installed 12.10. Still yellow.
Right clicked "update driver" on hardware screen/gfx and selected ACER downloaded win8 driver. Nothing.

Damn, I am trying since 2 days now and I am about to give up on win8. Wont recommend to anyone since this is rediculous for normal users.

Any hints?