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Solved-nvidia Geforce Go 6150 windows 8 Drivers

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    Solved-nvidia Geforce Go 6150 windows 8 Drivers

    after year of wondering and not been able to install proper drivers for Windows 7 .. i was left with no choice.

    hopping over the every forum i spent lot of time..but finally found relief when i took desicion to deal with this on my own..

    I have Hp Tx 2009Au tablet pc.with nvidia geforce go 6150 are sucks..but bought in 2009 for different reason..i am designer ..well..thats offtrack..
    i have not tested this on other laptops with same graphics card.but most probably this will work.

    I have managed to alter *.inf for the latest V 306.97 nvidia graphivs drivers..which you can get here.86x and 64x..

    follow the process

    if you have windows defalut drivers installed and not working as it should..and if device manager does not recognise graphics card model..then
    1.install vista drvers you have already.install nvidia n force drivers if required.
    why--it will detect the card as nvidia..simple.

    1) Download extract the drivers to C:\nvidia
    2) Find and replace the disp.inf file the display drivers folder
    3) Go to device manager and update the driver using "have disk method"
    4) It may show warning that it not digitally signed,ignor and move.
    5)you may have to restart if drivers not applied.

    you will be able to run windows 8 smoothely.


    for detail tutorial on how to mod ,inf file go here..

    let me know if it works.and have any queries..i dont do this usually.i just wanted to share this cause,i have been seeing lot of people are in need.


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    win8 Enterprise trial x64

    Hi Pinkpanther..great looking post..I am having similar problems with NVIDia GeForce GO6150 drivers while trialling Wn8 enterprise -64 on my HP pavilion tx1340ea...

    I wonder whether you could give me a little more assistance?

    I have followed instructions above
    1)v6 306.97 x64 drivers downloaded to desktop. extracted with 7zip to E:\NVIDIA (am on a multiboot)
    2)nv_disp.rar downloaded to desktop extracted with 7zip and nv_disp.inf copied to display.drivers folder
    3)go to device manager and update driver using have disk method.

    .ok so far, but during update process asks me to identify my graphics card from a drop down list in which my NVIDia GeForce GO6150 does not appear?

    Can you advise what I should do?
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    sorry for delay,,install old drivers you have,..may be from vista..thought they are not usable for windows 8 but they will help you detect your hardware..goodluck...
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    win8 Enterprise trial x64

    Ha!..Cracked it I have...the following really does seem to solve it though.. Blackscreen issues gone..all things display now hunky-dory..

    Figuring my win 7x64 was working perfectly I redoubled efforts to find the driver installed there - NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150 - version - date 06/03/2009 and finally found it in Microsoft Update catalogue.Microsoft Update Catalog

    Go to Microsoft update catalogue home page and enter "NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150" in search box.
    Select the larger of the two files and add to cart..
    nVidia -
    Display - NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150
    Windows 7 Drivers (Other Hardware) 3/6/2009 699.6 MB733621816

    Download to desktop

    Use 7zip to extract and move folder where you want it (in my case E:\NVIDIA\nVidia - Display - NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150)

    type "device manager" into win8 desktop control panel..go to Display adapters >ms basic and right click>update driver>pick from a list of drivers>have disk>select "nvqh.inf" from the folder you created earlier.

    Follow installation dialogue and restart computer (you may also want to follow steps in coprocessor posting above)

    Job far as I can tell!

    the windows 8 trial continues ...but It seems good enough to be worth a little persevereance
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldred View Post
    Ha!..Cracked it I have...the following really does seem to solve it though.. Black screen issues gone..all things display now hunky-dory..
    that's great news..i see these are 2009 that you have one method in hand you can go for latest driver update. method mentioned in the post for 306.97..i am sure latest drivers will make your system performance even smoother....have a nice time.
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    win8 Enterprise trial x64

    Hi Pinkpanther1234..the 306.97 drivers do not seem to be for the GeForce Go 6150?..can you post a link to exactly where I can download the latest drivers for GeForce Go 6150 x64 win8..finding latest drivers has been much of my problem..can you post instructions on exactly what needs doctoring in the *.inf..thanks for your help... apologies if being dim!
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    Windows 8 Pro

    get the drivers ----->here
    mod the inf file with this ----->tutorial
    i have posted my altered .inf file in the opening post..see if that helps you.

    first you have to make your hardware detection with your old drivers..from vista or windows 7..
    then go to
    device manager and update the drivers
    dont search over internet.
    choose browse from your computer
    then choose pick from the list
    go to have disk
    browse your modded inf file..
    it will show your hardware in the list
    select and insatll
    go ahead if it says its not digitally signed
    restart if required..

    everything is explained throughly in the first post too or follow the tutorial i hacve mentioned in this post....
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    windows 8 pro 64-bit

    I had a ton of nvidia problems w my 9800gt. They were caused by my using old, antiquated methods of uninstalling/installing nvidia drivers.

    Read the nvidia readme files / release notes. It explicitly says that drivers should not be installed or uninstalled using windows device manager. (Including rollbacks, etc.). Moreover, nvidia drivers (the physx ones) will fail to improperly install now if you booted into safe mode.

    Best way i handled installing nvidia geforce 9800gt was the following:

    Upgrade to windows 8 pro (clean install)
    --- during this, win somehow already knew i had nvidia.
    --- i ignored this auto detected driver

    Next, i turned turned off windows update auto install (so i have choice what and when to do updates) and proceeded to install all the updates windows update found except the graphics/video drivers.
    Rebooted after the win8 updates finished.

    Then, i downloaded the latest official, non-beta nvidia driver, which was 306.97 or something similar. Set that aside for a while.

    Then, I went to uninstall the initial drivers windows installed during the upgrade to windows 8. Per Nvidia, i did this through the control panel's add/remove program. I uninstalled everything from nvidia (3d setting, control panel, update, etc.) but made sure i uninstalled the actual driver last. That is important.


    Then, i just opened the install file for the new drivers, chose custom install and only checked the driver and physx (i did not care for 3d settings bloatware or update bloat ware). I made sure it did a clean install.

    Then, after the new drivers installed, i rebooted. Problems solved.
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    Old Nvidia Graphics on Windows 8 64-bit

    The information pinkpanther posted was very helpful, but the nv_disp file he linked for replacement is for 32-bit windows only, it will not work on windows 8 64-bit. Also thanks to Eldred for his link to the MS update catalog driver which is required if you are doing a fresh install of windows 8. There is also another step you must do in this process to get the driver installed on 64-bit windows 8, you must disable driver signature enforcement. I modified the inf file for the 6150 graphics on windows 8 64-bit.

    Follow the steps below to get the NVidia graphics working on a clean install of windows 8 64-bit on any system using the GeForce 6150 graphics. This process could be used to install a number of different NVidia graphics card drivers that are not supported on windows 8. You just have to find your graphics card in the windows update catalog for windows 7 & modify the INF file using the instructions here NVIDIA Driver - Convert from Desktop to Mobile (Laptop) - Windows 7 Forums

    1) Install Windows
    2) Go to Microsoft Update Catalog and search for NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150, the file you want is below.
    nVidia -
    Display - NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150
    Windows 7 Drivers (Other Hardware) 3/6/2009 699.6 MB

    3) Manually install the driver using the browse method and let me choose then reboot.
    4) Download the GeForce 306.97 reference drivers from here Drivers | GeForce
    5) Download extract the drivers to C:\nvidia
    6) Find and replace the disp.inf file the display drivers folder with this one
    7) Reboot the computer into the windows 8 startup menu by pressing F8 on computer boot.
    8) Go to choose other options, troubleshoot, advanced options, windows startup settings, click restart, upon restart choose disable driver signature enforcement.
    9) Go to device manager and update the driver using "have disk method"
    10) It may show warning that it not digitally signed, ignore and move on. You will also get another warning saying this software may cause problems, install anyway.
    11) Restart computer when prompted and you are good to go.

    Thanks to pinkpanther and eldred that made this 64-bit guide possible.
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    Windows 8

    @comprensoldotna - I am not able to download your file

    Is there any easier solution in the meantime for the geforce go 7600 on my Sony Vaio with Windows8 64bit?
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Solved-nvidia Geforce Go 6150 windows 8 Drivers
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