I've tried to fix it on my own through the power of google, but alas ... I'm out of ideas.

So I have a dual monitor situation and I'm running Nvidia GTX 670s in SLI (SLI on or off doesn't seem to make a difference-- neither does disconnecting a monitor).

I know how to go into color management and assocate the correct profiles. I know how to change the system defaults so Windows actually loads those profiles--

basically what it says to do here: Can't apply an ICC profile to display&#59; can't understand - Microsoft Community

It worked great in Windows 7. But I can literally load any profile and it makes zero difference. They are clearly not loading.

I've tried loading them under the Administrator account as well and they made zero difference.

I tried using the LutLoader from ColorEyes display pro and that didn't work.

So... any ideas? I'm at wits end here. And they do make a noticable difference for me in my monitor's appearance.