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Upgrade paths and future limitations

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    Upgrade paths and future limitations

    Hi all,

    I was hoping someone knowledgeable could clear up some confusion I have on the upgrade process. I've googled my questions and it seems there is no definitive answer and that Microsoft themselves seem to not be consistent on their treatment of upgrades.

    I originally wasn't going to upgrade but at $39.99 for a Pro version, I can't resist. I am aware that you need a current install to upgrade. I was hoping that during the upgrade process I would be given an option to chose the key I wished to invalidate for the upgrade. Now, I am quite fond of my Windows 7 license and am going to keep it around in case I don't like Windows 8 and just because it is a great OS.

    So my dilemma is as follows:
    I have a couple full licenses for XP and Vista. I also have the OEM license of Vista Business that is on a sticker on my computer. I am resigned to the fact that I'll have to uninstall my current OS and install an old one for the upgrade and I can live with that.

    I would, however, like to get rid of my most worthless license for the upgrade, which in my opinion is the one OEM one on a sticker on my laptop. So I guess the question is would the limitations of the OEM license, which is that it is only valid for that specific machine be attached to the upgraded version. As the Pro upgrade is for a limited time only, I imagine any future computer I will buy will have the Home version with it and I would like to preserve my access to the Pro version as well as to have the option to have a clean install. If I can transfer the upgrade in the future, getting rid of the OEM license makes the most sense, if not, the full Vista license.

    Condensed version:
    1. Will these Upgrades be transferable to a new machine in the future?
    2. Will OEM limitations be attached to the Upgrade license in the future?
    3. Will we always have to install the old version first even after activating it, i.e. if I upgrade to an SSD in the future, will I have to install the old OS first.

    While typing out my questions, I came to the realization that if I upgrade to a new machine I won't be able to install using the OEM license if the old install is required.

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    Hello jaebberwock. Welcome to the Eight Forums.

    You mentioned "in case I don't like Windows 8" so I guess you haven't used it yet.
    Based on that assumption, I would suggest downloading Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation for free. (good for 90 days) Burn it to a dvd. Do you know anything about imaging? Do you have any external drives? I would consider learning a little about external drives so that you could make some images? Are you on a budget? Can you afford to spend a few bucks on imaging software? Search online for imaging software. You could image your XP system without affecting it by an upgrade. Same with Vista or Windows 7. Image what you want to save so that they could be returned to the condition they were in. I cannot help you with your questions about upgrading licenses and keys so maybe someone else will chime in. Personally, I am not a fan of dual booting, many problems could happen. Opinions vary.

    Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation

    From my point of view, I would image backup XP, Vista, Windows 7 using the software of your choice (perhaps something like Acronis). Then, install Windows 8 on unallocated space. Do you know what unallocated space is? I apologize. I know nothing about what you know. Anyway, good luck. There are tutorials here:

    Installation & Setup - Windows 8 Forums

    Suggested Steps To Take Installing And Setting Up Windows 8
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    No need to pay for imaging software. Windows PE is free, and I use it exclusively on an almost daily basis. The instructions for creating your first PE sound a little intimidating, but once you've done it, you see that it's quite easy.
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Upgrade paths and future limitations
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