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has it already been called "8"?

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    The name doesn't really matter to me as long as it's a good OS.

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    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'll have to check my subscription settings in the CP because I never received any notices.

    I agree -- Win8 is a good name. Let's hope it sticks.
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    I like the name Windows 8 and I hope they use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bare Foot Kid View Post
    I like the name Windows 8 and I hope they use it.
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    and this is in the news section because?
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    Windows 8 is more attractive
    Hoping it to be called that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TBolt View Post
    not that it really matters, i guess. but, did MS say the next OSes will follow the # naming convention?

    Don't think so. Windows # won't sound good after like erm......... actually, it does......... Sound's high-tech....

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    I think after a successful launch of 7 they would call their next release 8. Possibly a code name first, but we'll see sooner or later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thefabe View Post
    I think after a successful launch of 7 they would call their next release 8. Possibly a code name first, but we'll see sooner or later.
    Windows 8's codename will either be Midori

    And if it turns out that it's not, my guess is that the codename will be Disappointing

    Midori sounds awesome though. Would hate to have to wait to Windows 9 or 10 (see how easy it is to talk about future versions of Windows now!) to get all the stuff Midori is.

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    The thing is, that everyone is getting geared up for a so called "Windows 8". If Microsoft goes off with some other name, that is going to a) disrupt the flow of the OS's causing people to have their doubts and b) Confuse people that want to keep it simple.

    So if you ask me, Microsoft is quite likley to call it Windows 8.

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has it already been called "8"?
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