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    Windows 8 Problems

    Just downloaded and installed windows 8 Pro from dreamspark premium.
    It's running great so far, but I have a few problems:

    1. the power notification icon is missing from the bottom right corner, and when I try to change it, it shows " This notification icon is not currently active" Without that, I really don't know what the power status is.

    2. I feel like windows 8 is eating up more battery than win 7 . My laptop used to run around 6-7 hrs but now it's only 3-4. (running programs like outlook and word)

    3. Many of the apps don't really serve much purpose, like music ( can I integrate itunes to it? ) mail+ calender (use outlook?)


    Edit: My dolby home theatre stopped working, anyone know where I can find the driver for it?

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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    What power profile do you have set in the Power settings in control panel?

    You are probably getting less battery life because you're using it far more than you normally would. I see this a lot when people get new phones. They're spend hours fiddling with it, playing around, changing settings, etc.. then complain that it's using more battery compared to their previous phone (which they no longer spend so much time using because it's already setup like they want).

    Just because you have iTunes and Outlook doesn't mean everyone does. The metro apps are largely designed to be simple apps for people that don't have more fully featured ones.
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    Also, I unpin metro IE10 from start screen, and now I can't seen to find it. Even in the metro store.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    Right click and choose All Apps, should be there. Also, start typing in Start Screen "Int..." it should show up.
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    However, whenever I do that. It just directs me to the normal IE 10 . and not the metro IE 10
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    Server 2012 / 8.0
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thekidd4ever View Post
    3. Many of the apps don't really serve much purpose, like music ( can I integrate itunes to it? )
    Adding your iTunes music folder to the Windows "Music" library will make your music available in the Music app as well as the Windows Media Player library. But be careful. By default the Music app (and probably WMP too) is set to retrieve and update your files with info from the internet, which is something you probably don't want happening if you use iTunes to manage your music. I would recommend trying a test folder of music first so you can disable all of the relevant settings in the Music app and WMP and get an idea of how everything works.
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    Alright. Last question for now guys.
    whenever I try to wake up laptop from "sleep" most of the times it would go to the start screen, and then after a few seconds black out again. and then I would have to wake the laptop up again.
    I would say that happens around 90% of the times. the other times, I can login with no problem.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    You may need a BIOS update. Check with your hardware vendor and see if you are running the latest BIOS.
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    'Just updated to Windows 8 Pro from Release Preview. I noticed a big difference from the Preview (no Aero, no Gadgets, and no carrying over of most apps). But I'm determined to stay with it and I've recovered most of my apps with about a half-day's effort.

    Fortunately, I put everything in 3 toolbars, which I quickly added back in. I had to reinstall Office 2010, but it's fine now. Visio 2007 wouldn't take my Product Key, but I think that's related to changing the rules for MSDN members. Most other apps I was able to recover from Windows.old and copy them back to Program Files or Program Files (86) so that the shortcut paths would work again.

    The remaining problems are with DreamWeaver and PhotoShop. They both refuse to work even with copying them back to their original places. The Upgrade Assistant Report tells me that these and several other apps have "Paid upgrades available", but I haven't found anything on the web short of buying them again, which would be really expensive. I hope someone has a solution for this problem.

    I've been an early-adopter of Microsoft products for many years and I won't stop now, but I hope there's an answer for these high-ticket items. Now that I'm retired in sunny Costa Rica and living on my Social Security, it probably won't be possible to replace them.
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