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all apps is the new start menu

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    all apps is the new start menu

    For anyone NEW to Windows 8.

    The start screen is NOT a replacement for the start menu.
    The all apps area IS the replacement for the start menu.

    The start screen is a place for links to get pinned. It is a launcher. A start screen.
    Similarly, the desktop screen is a typical dumping ground for shortcuts that you might or might not want there. It would be up to the user whether to keep them there or not. The same holds true for the start screen.

    Click image for larger version

    The start screen is an application launching area. Whether you think the metro or the Windows Store is bad or good does not matter here. The start screen is not designed to manage everything and all installations on the computer.

    The all apps area is where the Operating System manages, sorts, labels and organizes everything installed on the computer. NOT the start screen.

    The all apps area uses a feature called semantic zooming (point your mouse to the bottom right corner where you see a minus sign or press Ctrl and roll your mouse scroll wheel in the all apps area) that summarizes the contents of what is installed on the computer.

    Click image for larger version

    Here, every block is alphabetically organized and labelled into their own program group. The zooming feature is highly adaptable to many installations and takes one to the screen where your program is located.

    Unzoomed all apps is a new design to eliminate nesting and hierarchical menu structuring. Any frequently needed program can be pinned to the start screen or taskbar on the desktop.

    Click image for larger version

    That's it.

    Apps Screen - Open in Windows 8

    Start Screen - Pin or Unpin App, Folder, or Drive in Windows 8

    "All Apps" Shortcut - Create in Windows 8
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    There is another thread, arguing the pros and cons on this subject. I can see your point, but I see the (call it Metro) screen differently.
    In windows 7 and earlier, I spent time, after an initial install, arranging the Start menu into folders. I knew the contents of those folders and, when I required an app, I could go there with the necessary clicks. (Start Globe - Programs - Folder - Application). I have arranged my Metro in groups, in a similar way. But I find a spin off here. I would like the groups folded. But I have eliminated those I use infrequently, and have finished with about fifteen "dailies". This , to me, is directly comparative to the old menu.
    When I select "All Apps", I get a shortcut to every .exe on my computer. Not quite so good as my earlier, more selective, system, as I said, the folders are all open, but it works for me. One sweep and I am across to the other side. I have now got used to knowing which side particular apps lie, so it takes an instant of my time. With my method of customisation, I certainly do not regard it as a Start menu. It is what I find when I open respective folders.
    My opinion only: I have never liked the idea (I know it is popular!) of cluttering my desktop (that is, the legacy desktop) with shortcut icons and, frankly, I see not a single advantage over the Metro screen, of the Desktop in you picture.
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    Thanks davehc.

    I guess one of my points that I am trying to get across is that all apps is organized by the Operating System. The start screen is not. The start screen is like the desktop screen or a configurable launch pad.
    The all apps area contains those executables that can be pinned by the "user" to the start screen.
    Nesting hierarchies are not necessary. Legacy sub folder structures - not necessary.
    The apps area eliminates the need for nesting hierarchies.

    Start screen grouping is ok, but it is managed by the user, not the Operating System...
    and there is no need for it to be.

    Another point with Windows 8, in my view, was the ability to reduce the endless hours of configuring menus to minutes. All this pinning and unpinning is really a time saver...
    A full screen of unnested all apps executables, to me, is like a day at the beach.
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    "Start screen grouping is ok, but it is managed by the user, not the Operating System."

    Looks like, in most ways, we are both on the same rails, just seeing it from our own accustomed methods.
    I had a quiet lol about your statement here. I have often pondered that one. Obviously, the OS, being brainless, does not understand what is required, as far as folders and sub folders are concerned. Interesting, though, is that quite a lot of the more sophisticated software does its own grouping - MsOffice being the major player. Don't know if you have Adobe Photoshop, but that goes overboard !
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    Installation grouping is done automatically in the apps area. How an installer is written for Windows 8 will determine what the software manufacturer considers appropriate for placement on the start screen.

    Multi level menu nesting does not exist in the Windows 8 apps area or the start screen. At this point, most application installers have not been written for the Windows 8 start screen. The apps area is the "go to" place for group organization.
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    Mdmd, you are a great thinker with a positive attitude at the changes. You always seem to work with it and not fight it.

    Do you mind if we use this in the sticky thread "Suggested Steps"? If so, we'll place a link to this thread.
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    Oh nm. Have your colorforms playskool interface and like it if you will...
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    Thanks HG. For the NEW users of Windows 8, a link might be helpful in some way. The new design of the UI is like fresh cool clean air on a misty fall day. Having spent way too much of my life editing the corner button contents since Windows began a generation ago, 8 is a relief.
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    All well and good as long as the system knows how to group the apps. If something's not grouped correctly then finding it in the apps menu might prove "interesting" ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    Oh nm. Have your colorforms playskool interface and like it if you will...
    Oh well then, have your over-the-top glassy faux interface to keep a short attention span interested and like it if you will.....

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all apps is the new start menu
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