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Your outlook on Win 8 from day one until now.

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    Windows 8 Pro

    Day 1: Very confusing and had trouble figuring out how to do things. But it was running so fast I marched on.
    Today: I love it. There's a bit of a learning curve, but I've got it all sorted out now. Best OS yet. Did I mention the speed, simply Awesome!

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    Still on day 1. I'm not having any problems finding things, it seems a little quicker than win7. Really, I'm not much of a windows person. I have to be familiar with it for my job though, so if I don't have the latest version I know it'll show up in front of me at a customers and then I'll be in trouble.
    The main interface is obviously more of a swipers interface, I'm just typing everything though for the most part. I really don't like tablets at all, so I never plan to buy one since a laptop has a built in keyboard that I need and also protects the screen when closed.
    I'm not sure what the big ruckus is about the corner menu thing being gone, but maybe I'm just used to not using one.
    Anyways, I don't see it being a problem for anyone who is a windows user if they really take the time to understand it..... but what do I know....
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    windows 8 consumer preview

    I downloaded the final version. I sorely miss the Start Menu. To treat a desktop or a laptop as a tablet is not the way to go forward. If they wanted to beat Apple in their game, they should have come out with something better. The Start page is for Tablet Users complete with tiny apps.

    It took a while to locate settings, control panel, how to map a network drive, etc. Good old Google to the rescue!!

    Yeah! I agree. It could turn out to be a flop. Soon as someone releases a decent Win 7 type start menu, I plan to get it. Why mess with a good thing that worked?

    Hey Microsoft. A desktop is a desktop, do you hear? It is not a wimpy tablet !! There is a reason people buy desktops !!
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    Downloaded Windows 8 yesterday since it was $15 using a site. I like it, like the new loading screen, like everything except the new Start Screen.
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Your outlook on Win 8 from day one until now.
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