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Paul Allen's take on WIndows 8

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    Paul Allen's take on WIndows 8

    Quite interesting article by Paul Allen on Windows 8
    Idea Man - Paul

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    Good article.
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    My review of Paul Allen's review

    Paul's take on Windows 8
    Inability to build hierarchies on the Start screen
    As they are currently implemented, the tiles on the Start screen can only be arranged in a single flat scrollable 'layer'. So if I have hundreds of tiles, I may need to perform lots of scrolling to find the tile in question. To get around this, I would prefer to have the option to build hierarchies of related tiles, thereby making it easier to organize the Start screen to my liking and reduce the amount of scrolling required.
    Nice Review although I am surprised even "Allen" does not mention the unpinning feature of the start screen and semantic zooming in the all apps area which eliminates the need for hierarchies and scrolling when there are thousands of links in question.

    Click image for larger version

    He expresses some issues that could be addressed and cannot be expected to address everything in one article.
    To summarize and conclude:
    Windows 8 offers the best of legacy Windows features with an eye toward a very promising future.
    I hope this helps,
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    I was reading this and I was a tad surprised, Paul Allen, one of two of the original builders of the first operating system for the Altair, and one of the builders of Windows, was a bit confused with the program defaults. I read what he said about Outlook opening IE immersive, but I don't think I ever have seen that happen in the RTM which seems like what he is running. If he's running the Release Preview, I don't believe it did that either. I do see his complaint though about Adobe Reader and the Reader app, the program default might need to be associated with such. I also agree overall his suggestion of defaulting Desktop based apps to open things from the Desktop to a Desktop app.

    Overall, his assertion of Windows 8 is agreeable to my person.
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    It's not a review.

    It is written by the cofounder of MS.

    Press release is more accurate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    It's not a review.

    It is written by the cofounder of MS.

    Press release is more accurate.
    Do you mean the general "Let's beat down something different and innovative" reviews?

    Paul Allen has nothing to do with MS, therefore it's a review. Is he biased? Perhaps, but aren't we all. There's politics in every aspect of life, including this forum. All a matter of perspective, isn't it?

    I think he gives an honest review in every way. He's a positive personality and a very successful capitalist. I'll surely respect him for that.
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    It does seem like a refreshingly honest review coming from someone attached to Microsoft.
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    Microsoft is making some welcome changes and have widened their view of the outside world a bit.

    I went to a launch event last week for Server 2012 in Detroit and they discussed the fact that Systems Center and such would work not only with HyperV, but they knew that tons of people used VMWare vSphere and Citrix Xenserver, so they ensured that their software would work regardless of the choices that you made on the backend in terms of which hypervisor you used.

    In addition, they offer Linux options for Hyper-V as well as in the Windows Azure cloud environment as they have come to the realization that Windows servers aren't always the best options for many purposes. So, rather than shut out other OS's, they are supporting them, and providing Linux images which can be used. Sell their hosting environment, sell their integrated services, but let people choose what server is best for them on the backside.

    It's a nice change in my opinion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    It does seem like a refreshingly honest review coming from someone attached to Microsoft.
    Paul Allen is not attached to Microsoft. He Left Microsoft in 1983. Yes, nearly 30 years ago. Microsoft hadn't even created Windows 1.0 yet, and they had only a few dozen employees. While i'm sure he still owns a lot of stock, he's had nothing to do with running the company, and most of the board doesn't even like him.
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    I'm sure a part of him is biased -- he did co-found the company, after all -- but he also wasn't afraid to sprinkle in some honest criticisms, which isn't something you'd find in a veiled press release. I think it reads more like a blog entry and informal user guide than an in-depth review or press release.
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Paul Allen's take on WIndows 8
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