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Windows 8 Metro bug (low def, blurry text) after crash

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    Everything should settle into place about mid-november for sure.
    Drivers are being released everyday and themes are slowly evolving to fit the non-aero environment.
    It renders "Aero"-built graphic cards useless for that field, unless you have a dual-boot PC/Laptop.

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    Hey all, much like the other posters here, I'm experiencing this as well. I have a manually overclocked graphics card (EVGA NVIDIA GTX 470 Superclocked), clocked from 1025v/625 core/1250 shader/1701 mem to 1062/800/1601/1801. The only crash that's occurred was while I was initially messing with those values to ensure stability. After that crash, every Metro menu had black boxes and low def text. Since doing the fix described in this post, that stopped...though only for a short time. Now, the black boxes and fuzzy text happens without any crash occurring, predominantly in the PC Settings tab, for seemingly no reason.
    I've attached the settings I've assigned under the NVIDIA Control Panel, maybe they're causing this? Whatever the case, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Click image for larger version
    Huh...ok, I guess I fixed this (possibly only temporarily) by updating to the 310.33 beta drivers. I'll update my post again if something goes awry.
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    Hey fella, try disabling the Antialiasing settings and restarting. I think it has something to do with it.
    Instead of using global settings, use a per-program setting

    It ain't a driver bug, I think. After fiddling around, I noticed that some changes on nVidia COntrol Panel resulted in that.
    Start with Anti-Aliasing and if it doesn't help, try Anisotropic filtering
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    Your suggestion worked! Thanks for the quick response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tepid View Post
    I will apologize in advance for being critical.

    But, again, this is another example of people crying Bug when there isn't any way to prove that a bug exists, or that this would not be a natural reaction to what it is, that you did.

    Based on your OP, you over-clocked you card and caused an issue.

    Glad you got it fixed, but please, using Bug as an adjective for anything that goes wrong with windows is old hyperbole. Especially when it is something that is not a good idea to begin with, such as Over-Clocking.

    Please don't take this post the wrong way. It is just that people have a tendency to throw Bug around ad nauseam.
    No apologies whatsoever for being critical, but this is another example of someone on the internet being a complete asshole when they know nothing whatsoever about the problem. As a user who never overclocks their card, this certainly isn't the cause of the problem. Based upon your post, you're claiming that it isn't a bug when you have no way to prove your point of view.

    I've found that it's the result of Windows 8 automatically updating drivers without my consent. By going into the device manager and rolling back my drivers, everything suddenly works fine, surprise, surprise. Maybe if they just checked with me before they pushed my NVIDIA drivers forward into a beta version, my desktop wouldn't be ****ing up.

    But I'm sure your idea of it being someone else's fault for overclocking their card (of which the chances of causing this specific a problem from simple heat damage approximate zero) is totally legitimate. Asshole.
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    I understand Tepid, it looked like a overclock problem, although a weird, uncommon, specific one. I've forgotten that I had modded the nVidia settings last week (within' the timeframe of when the problem occurred) and didn't restart the computer since then. Upon restarting on BSOD, settings were applied to the Metro Start menu, which caused the bug.

    As the BSOD was caused by the overclock, and this bug happened just after it, I thought it was a broken card or something, heh.
    Thank god it was just an AntiAlising problem
    Surely Overclocking isn't a good idea... when you don't know what you're dealing with.

    Problem caused by Over-Clocking: BSOD, nothing to worry about really. Card is running great 'till now, and there's a lot more of juice in it
    Bug: Custom Antialiasing settings. Reproducing bug: Set a custom antialiasing setting and restart. Breaks something up there, dunno about the beta drivers, I'm running 306.97 here.
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    But it does not mean a bug in Win8. More than likely it is the Video Card Drivers.
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    I had the same problem, I looked all over for a fix. It wasn't until I remembered playing with the advanced 3d settings in the NVidia control panel that I had a brain fart.
    I went back to the control panel and restored all the default settings then rebooted now it is back to normal. I thought I would add this info on this site but I see some one has already beaten me to it !.
    I shall add a few tags to help the search engines!
    black, start, font, windows 8, icons, blurry, blurred, metro, minesweeper (this is where I first noticed it)
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    Not to rehash this old topic but I wanted to thank you all for the help. I just got a windows 8 laptop and have been blindly playing with settings when I noticed that the apps had black backgrounds or became blurry. I came across this topic in a google search and was able to correct my issue. So thanks again.
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    It's just the Ambient occlusion.
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Windows 8 Metro bug (low def, blurry text) after crash
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