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some questions about opening a program

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    some questions about opening a program

    i have installed windows 8
    1-but when i want to open a picture file and when i select the windows photo viewer to open that file , and double click o that , nothing happens?
    2-i have installed pess 2012 and the game runs correctly but a file next to the .exe file of the game with the name of pess2012settings.exe does not open. it opened for one time when i installed the game but after i closed that it does not open?
    3-if i want to update my drivers for example the gerrafic , do them compatible with the windows 8?

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    Hi and Welcome to EightForums!

    In response to your query

    1. Have you checked that the program hasn't opened as a Metro App? If you press the windows key + Tab you can cycle through the metro apps and i believe it should be in there.

    2. I believe that the PESS2012settings.exe is only to be used for the first time setup of the game, in otherwords it checks your hardware and sets up the most compatible settings. If you want to change this you could try running the exe with elevated permissions by right clicking it and run as Administrator.

    3. Depending on your GFX card will depend on what drivers and software you want to install to run it with, Brink (The Tutorial God) has A couple of posts in the Graphics Card Section that Might be of use to you to read through, oh and Dwarf did one.

    Here they are:
    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8
    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8
    Latest Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    I hope that helps some, and if it doesn't let us know and i'm sure other people or myself can help you figure the problems out

    P.S As a side note, i think you would do better by creating three seperate threads in the appropriate boards, this is because Guru's who like a certain area generally stick to them and you will get more responses per problem then just throwing them all in together like this.
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    thanks my friends
    1-it is not open over there
    2-it opened always correctly in my last Os(win7)
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    Quote Originally Posted by muiacir View Post
    thanks my friends
    1-it is not open over there
    2-it opened always correctly in my last Os(win7)

    Not a problem,

    Right for windows photo viewer, unfortunatly i do not know the fix for this off the top of my head, however i would ask if you have installed windows essentials 2012, if you have try using the gallery.

    If you haven't have a look here for how to get it.

    I cannot remember if it works on my install or not, but i have essentials installed and it works on there so its up to you.

    2 - as i said before, you might be better off posting on the board for that particular problem, so if PESS has a forum solution, you could try over there as it is their game.

    You could also try posting in the games section on here to see if they can help you at all.

    I hope this all helps
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    i install the windows essential but it does not worked
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some questions about opening a program
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