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Windows 8 - Screens freaking out!

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    Windows 8 - Screens freaking out!

    I'm not really sure how to describe it any other way. The screens have been freaking out since I installed windows 8. I had it successfully running for about 10 minutes before this happened. I am now unable to get to the login screen without this happening.

    I've been having issues for some time where my monitors will only 'fire off' part of the time on boot. They don't manage to secure a connection and sit there idle. Not sure if this could be related or not.

    Unfortunately, I don't have access to my tower for the next several hours and can't post the exact specs. I will do so asap.

    RAM: 4 GB ddr3
    Motherboard: 6 Core asus
    Video card: unknown (Nvidia..(New enough to run bf3))

    Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated

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    its like every other column of pixels is on the wrong monitor???? thats a strange one.

    you only have ONE graphics card right? and both monitors are plugged DIRECTLY into the one card and not into some "splitter" of sorts right?
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    Does this also happened in Vista/Win7?

    Unknown Nvidia? You'll need to find out what that is so you can add new drivers to test. This issue is graphics related so it seems.
    It depends if the lines even appear in the bios or at boot and there is a chance that the monitor is messed up or just its connector or cable. Hope you didn't had any overheating in the GPU and that this is still fixable.

    Try to look for some new graphic drivers and/or any chipset drivers on (try this link for some certified MS drivers first):

    then if not yet solved,

    Intel drivers:

    And of course, Nvidia drivers:
    Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

    If the drivers don't fix it, and if the problem also happened in Win7 or any other os, it can be that there is a physical hardware thing (cables, connectors, motherboard chipsets).

    Good luck
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    I'm sorry I don't have a solution. But I did something simillar to this in my though to my Win95 PC. I had the same liney destortion over the screen, only my icons were repeated all the way accrross as if they wer tiled. It happened after pissing around in the display settings changing the color type (16 bit, True color etc.), refresh rate, or the screen resolution or some crap (or maybe it just happened coincidentally after I mucked around with the screen settings). Scared me shitless. As I recall I had to get a new monitor
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    Just a thought, but I had a similar problem with a new Samsung 24 inch LED backlighted monitor. Turns out it was the HDMI cable connection on the back of the tower. The weight of the cord was pulling the plug down and it only took a slight movement to make the screen go crazy. Swithched to DVI cable and no more problemo.

    Didn't really need HDMI as no speakers on the monitor anyway.
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    Hi CovertDeath

    Pretty common with some HDMI connection. Please give more detail about how you arrange the connection (DVI/HDMI/Analog/digital). The resolution setting, refresh rate, and the display driver installed. You might want to also check the connector if it start loosing.

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Windows 8 - Screens freaking out!
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