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Force "metro" to second monitor

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    Force "metro" to second monitor

    Anyone know of a hack or software to make sure that metro (start screen) always opens on my second monitor? This would make life with windows eight a whole lot easier.


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    Hello Zucram. Welcome to Eight Forums.

    Maybe this would help a little, Winkey Page/Up or Winkey Page/Down switches the screen to the other monitor. And you could drag a program or window to the other monitor. A window can be dragged back and forth and metro apps or start screen can be moved to the other monitor using the Win/PUp or Win/PDown. I do not know of any way to dedicate the start screen to 1 monitor in an extended set up.
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    Thanks! I found that using DisplayFusion i can force a program unto a specific screen. If i have the location of "metro", basically what happenes when i press the win key this might work. Anyone know that location?
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    I don't believe it will be possible because "Metro" is not an application.
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    You can use Start Menu Modifier. It works fine to open the (Metro) start menu on the second monitor.
    The settings: Default (Fullscreen) and Display 2 and Run on startup.
    Das Metro Startmenü -Startscreen- immer auf dem zweiten Desktop starten Windows 8 –
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    Thanks! Altough there are some problem with this app (the search for instance doens't show on the right window all the time) it is definatley a step in the right direction!
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    Hello zacram,

    By default, when you press the Windows key, the Start screen will open on whatever display it was last opened from using the start button when you hover over the left corner of the taskbar.

    Hope this helps,
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    Not after a reboot. By "default" it ALWAYS opens on the Primary monitor after reboot. Which is incredibly lame.
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    Any new ideas on this?
    Not willing to install any software to do this, like to keep my system as clean as possible.
    Thanks for the
    + PgUp/PgDown idea, that's something to start with
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    Thanks, this really did annoy me at work
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Force "metro" to second monitor
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