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W8 free upgrade --will it be retail or full of "Vendors rubbish"

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    W8 free upgrade --will it be retail or full of "Vendors rubbish"

    Hi there
    I needed a second smallish decent laptop -- I bought one the other day -- was pre-installed with W7 but I got a free voucher for a W8 upgrade when W8 hits the streets.

    My point is this :

    the W7 pre-installed stuff is full of Vendors junk and stupid things like Mcafee 60 day trial. Netflix, ebay,kobo,buy online etc etc. Total and UTTER Bovine scatology -- I like my computers to only have the proper Ms OS on them only plus applications I WANT --none of this trial and adware.

    I've now installed W8 RTM from TechNet on it -- but I'll still get the W8 upgrade since I can give it away to someone else -- I hope though it's a PROPER RETAIL copy and also not riddled with this type of ***pware.

    I don't want to take the computer back to the store for them to do the upgrade -- no thanks --and I won't probably be even in the same country either so I hope it's a free RETAIL version.

    Should be illegal to supply computers with that amount of junk on them pre-installed.

    Anybody know how this upgrade works -- will you just be able to download W8 from the MS site with a code or whatever and install at your own convenience.


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    I don't think it's really illegal for companies to do so, annoying yes. Illegal? Don't see laws broken. Shoot, take your PC to a Microsoft Store, pay them 100 dollars and they get rid of that crap for you so you have pure, clean, quintessential Windows with the proper software that you probably will use like Windows Essentials and Windows Defender. Vizio does that too with their PCs, THANK GOD!

    Well, from what I've tried with it and researched and read about, it seems very simple. The little window to install Windows 8 within Windows 7 already running asks for your product key (I think it will just detect the product key installed already as there might be an option that does that) and just downloads, then installs to upgrade to Windows 8. You are able, from what I've tried out, able to create install media with a DVD or USB from the setup window to install Windows at a later time, but I don't believe you will still get the upgrade option as it won't work that way.
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    First, you should be happy to have all that crapware installed. Why? Because it lowers the cost of that cheap computer you just bought. The OEM gets paid money by those software vendors to supply those trials, and they in turn pass that cost savings on to you. This helps them stay competitive. Without it, they would be forced to charge you more for the same computer because they did not have a crapware subsidy.

    Some OEM's will in fact sell you a PC that was never installed with that (as opposed to simply uninstalling it) but they charge more for it.

    As for the upgrade, it all depends on how your OEM ships it. It may also be illegal to give it to someone else, as upgrades are tied to a full license, and all OEM licenses are tied to the computer they came with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mystere View Post
    First, you should be happy to have all that crapware installed. Why? Because it lowers the cost of that cheap computer you just bought. The OEM gets paid money by those software vendors to supply those trials, and they in turn pass that cost savings on to you. This helps them stay competitive.
    yes, but all these shit slows down the pc ...
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    So remove them. Either you pay more for the computer, or you pay more with your own time, or you pay more with the slowdown of your computer.
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    The OEMware is annoying but easily removed. Does it have an OEM partition? If so, it can be ripped out with not too much trouble. My Acer came with e this and e that even a e key. Partition gone!! I look at the key every once in a while and chuckle to myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by astrolobos View Post
    yes, but all these shit slows down the pc ...
    I connect to computers every week to remove crapware and bloatware. The reason it's all there is because the computer manufacture will get a commission if someone chooses to "try and buy" any of those demo apps. I agree that it's annoying and most average computer users do not know what is safe to remove from Programs and Features. But there are experts like me who do know what can go and what should stay. Bottom line: Almost everything can go from anti-viruses, toolbars, photo editing, enhanced PC performance, etc.

    The only thing anyone really needs to keep in the Programs and Features is the software the allows you to burn DVD's and CD's unless you have a favorite one you already have a license for, or a freeware DVD/CD burner. As well as the software and drivers for your built in webcam.

    Other things you would keep in Programs and Features is your sound and video drivers. And if the manufacture has included a backup application, you might want to save that. (frankly speaking, I remove all that and explain to my clients that Windows 7 has a perfectly good System Image backup application called Backup and Restore. (No, not system restore - Look in the control panel or under All Programs for the Maintenance Folder. Inside that folder is Backup and Restore)

    Personally, I remove most everything from a person's computer and install anti-malware/anti-virus programs like malwarebytes free, (avast, avg, avira or MSE) as their anti-virus suite. Why pay for bloated security software like McAfee, Norton when you have outstanding free security software with no hitches. Just make sure to always choose Custom or Advanced install when downloading free or shareware software to uncheck the other third party apps they bundle with their software.

    Hope that helps.
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    The general population wants cheaper, plain and simple. Most would not pay more for the same pc without the crapware. Many here would, but then again most of us would not settle for a prebuilt pc anyway.

    As far as I understand, the upgrade will allow a clean install. I would be shocked if it did not.
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    If you are given an upgrade or a discount for an upgrade to download the OS from Microsoft Store or to buy a DVD from a retail store than you are guranteed there will be nothing but bare-bones Windows 8 32 or 64 bit. There is never bloatware or crapware in a downloaded ISO or upgrade from the Microsoft Store. However, if you have to download or order the Manufacturer's DVD to install the upgrade to Windows 8 then it's quite likey their DVD will have more crapware on it.
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    Clean Up Factory Bloatware - Windows 7 Forums

    Check the above link from the Win7 forum. May want to search tutorials or post there if any question.
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W8 free upgrade --will it be retail or full of "Vendors rubbish"
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