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The synchronization of the hardware (bios) clock and the OS clock appears to be a two-way street:

I just tested the above:

I booted into my bios and advanced the clock by 1 full day.
I then booted directly into 8.1 and noticed that clock was also advanced by 1 day (bios updated OS clock).
I then did a time sync from within Windows 8.1 and it reset the clock to the proper day (back 1 day).
I then rebooted into my bios and noticed that the time was now shown correctly (same as windows 8.1).

Now I can see how it could get totally whacked in a dual boot arrangement.


Windows 7 says, "It's tomorrow, it's tomorrow . . ."

Windows 8.1 says, "No, it's yesterday, it's yesterday . . ."

And then Ubuntu appears and says, "You Dummies! It's today! I'll fix it once more and this time, youse guys leave it alone!"

But, of course, they don't. Each tries to fix the time to suit itself . . .