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clicking live tiles does nothing a lot of the time

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    clicking live tiles does nothing a lot of the time

    Any ideas?
    I have to alt tab and then come back and then it works. Did they test this..? It doesn't do it on my laptops though.
    Anyone else have a similar issue?
    1920x1080 is the display res at 120hz

    Also the tiles ARE being clicked. They get punched in, but they don't actually do anything.

    not that this is a hardware issue, but specs anyway:
    2x120gb vertex 3 raid 0
    2xgtx460s sli + 120hz asus vg236h
    2600k @ 4.6ghz

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    Does everything else work when clicked?

    What kind of mouse do you have?
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    it's not the mouse. And no, nothing works on the home screen. It clicks in, like it's being punched. It just doesn't do anything.
    Razer abyssus mouse, but it knows that I am clicking it.

    If I alt tab to desktop, and then alt tab back in, it works again. However that's anoyying.

    Also if I am in an app in metro and the problem occurs, even hitting the windows key doesn't work. I have to alt + tab out and back in, and then the windows key on metro works.

    here is a video of the issue,
    windows 8 issue - YouTube
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    So if you're on the Desktop, you can click on everything fine as usual?

    This is an odd one if I should say so myself!
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    yeah everything works fine on the desktop, metro is bugged
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    is there anyway i can contact microsoft?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jigglywiggly View Post
    is there anyway i can contact microsoft?
    No, there is no support until official release.

    I know you say it's not the mouse but have you tried a different mouse to be sure?
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    Lower your res to 1280.1024, and lower the refresh rate to something lower, say 72, and see if it improves.
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    i just tried 1280x1024 at 60hz, same problem
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    Have we tried said mouse on a non-partisan, third party PC with the Windows 8?
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clicking live tiles does nothing a lot of the time
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