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I doubt Windows will go cloud based in entirety. Unless if other competitors do that, I don't see it happening. Granted, Windows is licensed whereas android or ios isn't, but this would only happen when EVERYONE and EVERY Windows user is connected to the internet 24/7. There's that hurdle. Also, the other hurdle is how can Windows work if you're in the mountains? I find interesting that no one is thinking about Windows Phone being cloud based. I just don't see it happening. Taking the base OS and not having it natively installed on the device is like a PC with cloud based BIOS, no go and no practicality.

Office and Xbox games I do see being more cloud based. Office already is going there. Xbox games might be next.

My question I ask is where's the practicality purpose? The only thing I see is for app developers to prevent piracy, but there are better methods that don't require app streaming.

We'll see though...

I wish and hope that you are right and that not all software and games move to the cloud. But it seems that MS may move to the cloud entirely. Also there should also be offline options for office and xbox games now and in the future. What you think?
Cloud based app streaming would require constant internet, as of now, not everyone is connected or reliably connected and the internet speeds aren't the fastest here in the US compared to the rest of the developed world. The issue of internet bandwidth and preventing latencies are a challenge. Right now, cloud based storage is a good option for some as huge servers with terabytes upon terabytes in a RAID configuration with multiple copies of data stored to minimize data loss is a nice alternative to an external hard drive that can and will die or a flash drive that gets lost.

For cloud based services like Office, oh yeah there has to be and should be offline support. google dogs recently added offline capabilities, when the service was 100 percent cloud based.

Cloud based gaming is iffy, again latency issues and speed are issues. But it definitely is a good tool to counter piracy. The thing is though that the game itself needs to be locally installed (for offline support) and some type of cloud integration to filter out piracy.