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Reason why the new UI annoys me

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    Quote Originally Posted by pparks1 View Post
    People can tell me all day that I am afraid of change....but yet I'm not running on Windows 95. I'm on Windows 7 and evaluating and playing extensively with Windows 8. Doesn't seem like I am too bothered by change, just some of the changes make this new OS a real pain to actually try to work with.
    Agree with your point. Change is not the issue. It's a radically different way to manage everything. And it will annoy a whole lot of folks, but the newness of it will be attractive and many might like it. And many dislike it. I don't think downgrading to a Windows 7 tablet is realistic. Downgrading to a Windows 7 PC would be another plus for MS. Do you think they would offer a downgrade for free? The OEM's have already bought and installed Windows 8 on their devices.

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Of course there will be changes made. I'd like new program installs or apps to make their own separate block rather than latch onto the last group. Heck, maybe even label the new group while we're at it. But for now, I don't have a tremendous issue with it.
    Sorry, I differ with you slightly, CR, on this point. New installs to the start screen should make 1 tile (like Acronis 2013)(if possible) and everything else automatically sorted, labeled and grouped in the all apps area.
    For some programs > it may not be possible >. (a few screen tiles would be needed)

    When I first started using 8, I was aghast by the ALL APPS area with a hundred links there. And I tried different methods to hide or minimize what was there. But in reality, that is where everything is linked to. Administrative Tools can be installed to the all apps area and unpinned from the start screen. And program installs do make their own separate blocks that are labeled. I differ because my preference is to minimize the number of tiles on the start screen and go to the all apps area where they are group blocked and sorted. All Apps is only 1 click from the desktop. As you know, anything that is frequently used, can be pinned to the start screen from the all apps area. If one has a lot of desktop work to do, pinning to the taskbar seems ok to me. That's what is great about this, all this pinning and unpinning. It is very easy to do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mdmd View Post
    Downgrading to a Windows 7 PC would be another plus for MS. Do you think they would offer a downgrade for free? The OEM's have already bought and installed Windows 8 on their devices.
    Yes, they always give you the ability to use a previous version of the OS, you get these free.
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Reason why the new UI annoys me
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