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You'll need to provide administrator permission to .......

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    BTW - before attempting the above I did change the enableLUA key in the registry and this did not help but I don't think I rebooted. Thus I'm not sure if this would have resolved the issue. At the time when I made the change I did not know that I had to reboot to make the change effective.

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    I tested this and had no issues copying a file from my network share to an arbitrary folder in Program Files without any fancy registry hacks or permission changes. All I did was enable the administrator account then copied the file from a UNC path to the share, if you try to copy from a mapped drive it will fail with an error about the location not existing. Personally I think it's a bug. The UNC path is what you used to map a drive to the share.

    Edit: Actually I just tried it again with the administrator account disabled and it still worked, but I realized my account is in the Administrator group anyways.
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    Sorry to necro this thread.

    Using the EnableLUA tweak does in fact achieve the desired result, restoring Windows 7 and beforehand permission functionality across the shell with Administrator-level accounts that aren't the Administrator account.

    But we can no longer launch the Windows 8 "Metro" apps. Surely someone has found a better solution by now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kermit1942 View Post
    BTW - before attempting the above I did change the enableLUA key in the registry and this did not help but I don't think I rebooted. Thus I'm not sure if this would have resolved the issue. At the time when I made the change I did not know that I had to reboot to make the change effective.
    Ok - I changed:


    Reboot. Still didn't work.

    I use AVG Free. I googled how to shut that down (as another post was talking about disabling their antivirus).

    Bingo. Copied files without a hitch.

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    Hi guys...

    I'm sorry but I have to jump in here as I am a new Windows 8.1 user.. and this is driving me nuts, too. I have pretty much nothing on my C:\ drive.. I leave that for the main workings etc.. I do have 3 external HD... my problem is, whenever I am trying to do alot of anything with those files, ie: moving or copying files from one of these to another.. it keeps asking me to provide admin rights etc... this is fine and dandy when I am at the machine, but I have programmes that run in the background, uploading or downloading etc.. and they hang because whenever any traffic is happening, into or out of those drives, the system thinks either they don't exist or somesuch problem. I have tried to take ownership of those drives.. some of it has been resolved, but is there an easy way to take control of the whole system? My account is set as an administrator... shouldn't everything I do have admin permissions by rights? This is worse than the lockdown Apple has on their iPhones... hehehe

    Thanks for any and all help...

    PS: I have read the previous and I have found the enableLUA key in regedit.. but I don't want to put that to 0 as I do use a few of the apps.. I don't want to bite off my nose to spite my face....
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    If you are using Avast! antivirus, try this.
    Avast! > Settings > Active Protection > File System Shield > Off

    Copy your files, then turn the Avast! File System Shield back on.
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You'll need to provide administrator permission to .......
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