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Shortcut to switch to Metro view

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    Shortcut to switch to Metro view

    I need to make a short cut I can place on my desktop to switch to Metro view.

    Is there any way to do this?

    I have looked hard but can find no info on how to do this.

    I do not want to use the keyboard short cut it must be a short cut OR a batch file.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    What's wrong with moving the mouse to the lower left hand corner and clicking on the Start menu button that pops up?
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    I want to use a Start Menu utility to give me back some of it's functionality.
    However some of these utilities change the way things work.
    I need to be able to have an icon that I can place in the task bar or on the
    desktop that will take me straight to Metro.

    This will be useful to me but others may feel it unnecessary.

    We're all different...
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    (Subscribing to thread) That does sound like a useful idea. I frankly do not like how that corner button works at all. Having a Metro button right next to the (resurrected) Start button would be pretty awesome.
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    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    I had already tried that utility and it does not work on my system. I'm using the Stardock Start8
    menu utility and when you run the ShowStart.exe it does nothing!

    This is one of the problems I'm having trying to do what I want.

    If there was a way 'trigger' the Start Menu in the charms bar that would do what I want.

    So, there must be some way of doing this via a shortcut of some sort.

    Thanks again for your time.
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    Mouse click to invoke Metro UI
    If you have a mouse with programmable buttons: The Windows Key is 'ctrl-esc'
    I have a Logitech mouse with programmable buttons. In the Logitech button settings you can program any button to go to the Metro UI:
    1.) Go to your mouse settings;
    2.) Choose a button;
    3.) Select 'Keystroke Assignment;
    4.) in the resulting 'Specify Keystroke' - Keystroke window: 5.) Simultaneously press Ctrl and Esc. 6.) Note: In the Logitech example, you cannot use your keyboard key-by-key to enter ctrl+esc. You must simultaneously press the control and escape key in the above window. [Hold down ctrl and esc] Worked for me.

    Explanation: I was frustrated that W8 dumped me into the old W7 desktop when I exited an application -- even if I started the application in Metro UI. Then I had to go back to keyboard to press Windows key. Now I have a mouse button to get me back to Metro UI.

    Editorial comment - DWJ: I think W8 should default to the Metro UI upon exit from any application. After many months of objecting to W8, I now like it -- but I do not like the extra key press on the Windows Key [on the keyboard] to get me back to Metro UI -- where I started. If Microsoft wants me to use the Metro UI, then Microsoft should dump me into the Metro UI whenever I exit any app.
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    I also use the Stardock Start8 utility. If you click on the orb to bring up the menu, the option you want (Windows 8 Menu) should be at the top. Right-click this and choose Pin to Taskbar. A shortcut will appear on the taskbar to the right of any shortcuts already present. You can then rearrange these shortcuts in any order you choose.

    To place a shortcut on the desktop, follow the above and after right-clicking choose Open file location. The Stardock\Start8 folder will open, with the target selected. Right-click on this and mouse over Send to. When the context menu appears, click on Desktop (create shortcut). This places a shortcut on the desktop. Unfortunately, this won't work to begin with, so we need to change its properties. Right-click this shortcut and click Properties. We now need to edit the Target: by adding Metro to the end of the data already there (note that there is a space before the word Metro). Once this is done, and changes have been saved, the desktop shortcut should work (at least it does on my computer).
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    Quote Originally Posted by n4ken View Post
    I need to make a short cut I can place on my desktop to switch to Metro view.

    Is there any way to do this?

    I have looked hard but can find no info on how to do this.

    I do not want to use the keyboard short cut it must be a short cut OR a batch file.

    Thanks in anticipation.
    just press windows key
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    Hi Dwarf, I had already seen the item on the top of the menu but never thought of pinning it to the task bar... good one.

    This short cut uses an internal command to start8 so it is not possible to make your own short cut actually on the desktop.

    I'd still be interested to find out how to do this. MS included lots of keyboard short cuts but neglected to include this.

    I'm using windows 8 as my main system and have to say I'm finding it reliable and good to use overall.

    It's strange but learning to use a new os teaches you how to use the older os better! I've discovered many little
    tips and trick for windows 7 since I started using windows 8. There's no going back as far as I'm concerned...

    Windows 8 is much better than many others say and it will get better as we find out the tips and tricks we had
    built up over the years on windows 7.

    As far as Metro goes... I love it for some of the apps available now especially the news. I look forward to more
    'TRUE' Metro apps as they come along.

    Thanks all.
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Shortcut to switch to Metro view
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