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Windows 8: My complaints

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    Hi All. I see a little discussion going on again about the "Modern" Start Screen verses the Start Menu with the orb.

    I'm mostly a keyboard shortcut user, for I think it's faster than the mouse. What was nice starting with Vista was the scrolling through "windows" using WinKey/Alt or Ctrl/Alt. WinKey/D for desktop just as now no matter where one is at even the Start Screen. No need to minimize to get to Start Screen just as the Start Menu. WinKey, boom. Page up, page down, start or end keys, all arrow keys all work for the Start Screen just as the Start Menu. I see no difference.

    The Start Screen is a good compromise for touch verses PC. That's why they did away with it let alone hardly anyone used it. I think Coke's thinking and outlook is correct.

    Now, tiles verses icons. My wide muscular construction fingers have a hard time with icons. I'll be glad the day I get my Windows phone and get rid of my Droid. Tiles are far better than icons. Live tiles on the Start Screen more or less are similar to gadgets so far as information. Less on resources too.

    I could go on. I think the Start Screen is far better than the Start Menu in a lot of respects.

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    I've just installed last night and have been using it somewhat today. So far I was with the group "what's with this metro crap" but the more I read on here and see that you can still do what you want and one click gets to the desktop I think it might be alright after getting the metro page or screen or ? setup to my liking.

    I'm unsure about the metro apps however as I don't have anything else that is win mobile and they seem very limited so I probably won't be investigating those much. I also don't like that the 2 interfaces, desktop and metro, seem to be disconnected from each other.

    Boy don't we all like something different LOL.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogmatix
    How about putting the Metro Start Screen in a Window on the Desktop? The OS is called "Windows", after all, not "Tiles". It could have smaller and more configurable tiles, and called up by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard or clicking (sorry, tapping) on a special icon (bottom left would be a good place)
    Yes that's what I was saying from day 1. Metro shouldn't conceal the whole desktop environement if it's meant to be used as a Start Menu. Also Metro apps should be opened in a normal window not in a new type of anachronical full screen "DOS mode" (aka "Metro mode").
    Quote Originally Posted by HypsieGypsie
    I think the Start Screen is far better than the Start Menu in a lot of respects.
    Maybe. Yet I still don't understand why we cannot have the Modern Screen and at the same time the Start Menu on the same computer. Or the option to use the Start Menu for those who wish this preference.
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Windows 8: My complaints
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