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New installation questions - screen res issue, slow, snapshot running

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    New installation questions - screen res issue, slow, snapshot running

    I just installed Windows8-ReleasePreview-64bit-English in Oracle VM. I had a previous Win 8 that ran ok.

    This new install says this app needs higher screen res to run when I click on IE.
    Is that talking about my screen res or Win 8? I'm running 1152x864 on Win 7 and in Win8 it says "Your res is lower than 1024x768. Some items might not fit and apps might not open. the res is showing at 1148x744

    Says that I'm running Snapshot 1. I did click on something after installation which I thought would take a screenshot.

    Also, I have to have my mouse lower than the object I want to click on.

    And it's REALLY running slow. I'm thinking about reinstalling it.

    I'm running Win 7 core i5, 320GB, 8GB RAM.

    Any suggestions

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    Hello Wolfe, and welcome to Eight Forums.

    Your current screen resolution 1148x744 is actually still lower than 1024x768 for vertical size. Your 1148 horizontal size is fine though.

    Snapshot is actually a 3rd party program. I guess you installed it somehow.

    If it's running that slow, then yeah it may be worth reinstalling to see if it was just a bad install.

    For screenshots, I like using either one below in Windows 8.

    Screenshot - Capture Screenshots Directly in Windows 8


    Screenshot - Create with Paint in Windows 8
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    Thanks Brink. I looked in Programs and don't see Snapshot installed.

    The res helped and even seemed to speed thing up a bit.

    The mouse is still a little wonky.

    May try to reinstall.
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    Good news. You might also try any newer drivers for the devices to see if that may help as well.
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    Sweet, I re-installed and it's working great. Thanks for the posts.
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    Perfect. I'm glad this install is working for you now.
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    Actually, Win 8 is not bad. I thought I wouldn't like it but it's pretty cool. I'm a power user who uses the keyboard a lot so I'm not hating it in the least.
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    I agree. Windows 8 is actually quite nice. It's just a matter of getting use to the Start/Apps screens vs the Start Menu, and the "Metro" apps and interface. If you can't you can always use Classic Shell.
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New installation questions - screen res issue, slow, snapshot running
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