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Kill it! Win32 takes a dive for death.

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    Kill it! Win32 takes a dive for death.

    WinRT tables and other PC metro apps are still actually run partially by Win32. That's the reason Microsoft wants to cover the desktop. Think about it, all computers are run by processes held on the computer, so no matter how hard they try, Desktop will be inevitable. Windows may end up on a blank wallpaper in a metro app in almost 4 years but they have to live with it. Processes cannot stay hidden, comment your feedback!

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    I think you have a serious misunderstanding of how operating systems work, and in particular how Windows works.

    Win32 is not the native OS for a computer running Windows. The native OS is now called the "Windows Kernel Services" but was originally called NTOS, and it's what's known as a "micro-kernel" or "supervisor". This native OS runs subsystems, one of which is Win32, although there have existed several others, including an OS/2 subsystem, an Unix subsystem, a Posix Subsystem (they are different) and of course now Metro.

    It's certainly true that there are interactions between Win32 and Metro. But i'm not sure why you insis that Metro apps are run partially by Win32? What's "partial"? Can you back any of this up?
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Kill it! Win32 takes a dive for death.
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