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Win32 is the true Windows 8 (for now...)

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    Windows 8 RTM (Retinas taking damage...)

    Win32 is the true Windows 8 (for now...)

    People are saying that Desktop is an "app" and that metro/WinRT IS windows. That's not quite true(yet). ATM, Metro/RT is just an overlay that runs in the explorer shell.


    Metro/RT is part of the explorer shell. Kill the explorer shell, and your system is metro-free. Shell replacements are abundant, and the one thing they have in common is that they don't, and never will support metro/RT apps.

    Windows runs on win32. There are hundreds of essential windows services that run on win32. IE runs on win32. Metro apps depend on thousands of win32 executables and libraries. Even in something like windows RT, Win32 is still powering everything behind the scenes.

    "Desktop" is always running. Windowed win32 applications always work (to some degree). Even without any services, the desktop is still there, and functioning. Even in winPE, the desktop is still there. Even when desktop composition is disabled(Impossible-NOT!) the desktop is still there. Even when UAC is fully disabled, the desktop still works. On the other hand, touch one system file, and the DRM shuts down all of the WinRT apps.

    Desktop isn't an "app" quite yet, and the classic windows is still king... for now... Let's make it stay that way.

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    @phailyoor: sorry for the OT, may you answer this questione please
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    Server 2012 / 8.0

    Click image for larger version
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    Microsoft is "lying" to the user there.

    Desktop is NOT an "App". That is merely a button to switch the desktop into view.

    Heck "Bing" is not really an app either. The only actual app on there is Mail. But it would take pages of documentation to explain the subtle differences between all the different kings of apps and it's simply easier to call them all "Apps" to the user...
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    WinRT is the NEW Windows, Win32 is still Windows.

    Actually, if you look at the live tiles on the Start Screen, it starts to appear to be the new Windows reimagined. The live tiles are like a window into that app. You have little windows with content actively updating without even needing them to be open. Another metaphor! When you open the app, it's sticking your head out an open windows, you see just what's in that app, maybe you want more windows to stick yourself out of. App snap!
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    It is all a metaphor, of course.

    Metro is just laid on top.

    There is allegedly going to be something that looks like a desktop on the RT tablets - but afaik it can't run the wonderful programs we rely on.

    Explorer.exe has been butchered to make it difficult to get anything usable without using the metro stuff.

    Fortunately, we can make our own explorer shells.
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    Win32 is the base, RT is just an extension, overlay, framework, compare it with .NET that runs on top. So it's obvious that RT doesn't run without win32.


    What the.. Who said the Desktop is an App?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal
    Desktop is NOT an "App". That is merely a button to switch the desktop into view.
    A shortcut is what they call an "App". Create a shortcut to your website, then distribute it as an App. That's the basis of the App Store, the core concept of Metro. Brilliant isn't it. No wonder that they had already 400 "Apps" in store already before RTM was released.
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    Windows 8 RTM (Retinas taking damage...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hopachi View Post
    What the.. Who said the Desktop is an App?
    Many silly people. Some are on these forums.
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    Windows 8 RTM (Retinas taking damage...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    WinRT is the NEW Windows, Win32 is still Windows.
    Right. Windows RT is the "new windows," which despite its name, is a mostly distinct overlay that runs on top of the old windows.
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Win32 is the true Windows 8 (for now...)
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