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Windows 8 Screensaver and power options not working

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    Windows 8 Screensaver and power options not working

    I installed windows 8 on a desktop computer that had windows 7 before. Screensaver was working perfectly on windows 7. Since windows 8, the screensaver won't start, the display won't turn off after 15 minutes like I set it up in power options. Just to test, I removed all USB devices that could prevent the screensaver to start. I closed all the programs running in the taskbar, including those hidden. The screensaver won't start even if I set it to one minute.

    Pressing the preview screensaver button works. But letting it go by itself doesn't. This is very annoying, anyone had this problem?


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    The same happened to me. Was told it by tech support that it may have been a conflict with software I installed, however that was not the case. Appeared to have solved when I unpinned the photos ap from the start menu. I noticed that the photos kept changing, thinking maybe that was causing the screensaver not to activate. Not sure if this was the case or not, but now the screensaver works fine. Have no use for the new Windows 8 start menu, Installed Start8 to get the Windows 7 start menu back. Much happier now.
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    Helena Al
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    Same here EtienneT I installed Windows 8 over my Windows 7 Ultra and my Screensaver doesn't work either it just goes to a blank screen instead of the Screensaver. I think it is a bug when you install over your old windows no-one that did a clean install is complaining about it. Maybe someone will come up with a fix soon or Microsoft will acknowledge it and fix it.
    I don't mind it just blanking out the screen ..But...I still wish it would work properly.
    And Same here Bil554 I like "Start8" too.
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    Best I came up with for PC

    Follow this path:

    C: >Windows >winSxS > keep scrolling (start at bottom) up until x86_microsoft-windows >mystify_31bf3856ad36 and even more characters (37 more) which I am too lazy to type.
    Right click and you will see no option to pin to start or taskbar so I put a shortcut on my desktop which has no other icons on it so I can go straight to it after Start >desktop.
    Hope this helps. I don't know if this works for other screen-savers but mystify is pretty cool.
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Windows 8 Screensaver and power options not working
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