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confiteor -- I Confess -- was wrong

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    confiteor -- I Confess -- was wrong

    Hi every one
    I really HATED W8 when it appeared - but having played around with it for a while I actually quite like it now.

    For people like me who don't want anything to do with Metro apps or that totally B/S "Store" just delete them (or remove) from the Start screen.

    But once you arrange your applications in APPLICATION frequency (not grouped by application group) it works quite well.

    For example if I use EXCEL amd notepad and Calculator together --you can pin these together on say "Most used apps"
    You don't need to leave say Ms excel in Ms office and Calculator / Notepad in Windows accessories.

    My problem is that a) the tiles can't be customized, and b) the start screen looks (however you try and re-arrange it) totally HIDEOUS.

    However for "Classic star menu users" try and re-arrange your work.

    It actually isn't so horrible -- apart from the really dreadful start screen design.


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    I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with Jimbo about something but it is kinda' growing on me too, as is, even without the Windows 7 Windows Explorer added back in, oh well, I guess there's no accounting for taste eh.
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    How many threads are you going to open about your personal Metro set-up, Jimbo? One is good, you know...
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    So basically you throw out everything metro and use the metro start as a giant, ugly, under performing start menu and it's all ok? It's still horrible on many fronts, desktop and start screen. It's easy to "get used to" something, watch out for that, you just give up and take it. Hell people get used to being in jail, free meals, watch TV all day, no bills to pay, what's not to like?

    As someone else put it, I think there is some Stockholm Syndrome going on here...
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    Yes I'm in love with my captor! Click image for larger version
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    I think it looks good.
    ---Image owned by Microsoft---
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    Oh my, it seems my "don't rag on it until you've used it" phrase seems to have resounded with you eh?

    As for the Start Screen as an underperforming start menu, posh! Don't rag on it until you've used it....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Oh my, it seems my "don't rag on it until you've used it" phrase seems to have resounded with you eh?

    As for the Start Screen as an underperforming start menu, posh! Don't rag on it until you've used it....
    CR you know all too well that I've been using it for MONTHS.

    The Metro /everything/ is under performing, the tools, the included programs, the organization abilities the chopped up control panel, the lousy multi tasking (Both the hacked threading model AND the UI annoyances). EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS UNDER PERFORMING IN ALMOST EVERY WAY!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Oh my, it seems my "don't rag on it until you've used it" phrase seems to have resounded with you eh?

    As for the Start Screen as an underperforming start menu, posh! Don't rag on it until you've used it....
    The start screen is just an underperforming start menu. I can live with it, and I have been using it since DP came out, but it's definitely and undeniably worse than the old start menu.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke
    don't rag on it until you've used it
    I admit I still didn't use it, thought I'v read enough about it to be able to act as a long w8 user with expertise. But I'm barely the only anti-w8 member who hasn't used it yet. And I haven't used it for the exact reasons I'm complaining about all the time here. Had Metro been an option instead of "the future of the PC" it would be on all my machines already. But why losing time with something I know I'll hate? (Note I may install W8 in the next few days for fun, because I'll have to buy a new HD. This will make the process much easier). Now let's look at the following picture: I see squares and rectangles with either symbols on a colored background or pictures, some of which are representing poeple, others a nice vew on flowers, nature, whatever appealing to the eyes. What these tiles means? One means "Meet poeple" (chat, message, blogs, mobile picture?), another also means "meet poeple" (chat) thought with a smiling symbol instead of pretty smiling girls, another means weather, another means also weather, another will open a buy-online software shop, another shows poeple sitting at a table (maybe relatives?), another hot air balloons (because that's what w8 is -LOL-), anohter shows a championship cup (Olympics by any chance?), headphones? (Cool. Must be something to listen music with), Flowers... ... Seriousely, have a look at me, do you realy think I need this?
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confiteor -- I Confess -- was wrong
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