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don't rag on it until you've used it
I admit I still didn't use it, thought I'v read enough about it to be able to act as a long w8 user with expertise. But I'm barely the only anti-w8 member who hasn't used it yet. And I haven't used it for the exact reasons I'm complaining about all the time here. Had Metro been an option instead of "the future of the PC" it would be on all my machines already. But why losing time with something I know I'll hate? (Note I may install W8 in the next few days for fun, because I'll have to buy a new HD. This will make the process much easier). Now let's look at the following picture: I see squares and rectangles with either symbols on a colored background or pictures, some of which are representing poeple, others a nice vew on flowers, nature, whatever appealing to the eyes. What these tiles means? One means "Meet poeple" (chat, message, blogs, mobile picture?), another also means "meet poeple" (chat) thought with a smiling symbol instead of pretty smiling girls, another means weather, another means also weather, another will open a buy-online software shop, another shows poeple sitting at a table (maybe relatives?), another hot air balloons (because that's what w8 is -LOL-), anohter shows a championship cup (Olympics by any chance?), headphones? (Cool. Must be something to listen music with), Flowers... ... Seriousely, have a look at me, do you realy think I need this?
Think about this, these are your features to change, and it's only extra tiles trying to make your life easier. I agree bringing WP7 to a PC was stupid, but it's only adding on to our windows expirence