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Is there a new build of Windows 8?

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    @ Barman58 and Coke. Good posts and interesting topic to say the least.

    640K ought to be enough for anybody.
    ~ Bill Gates, 1981
    This was 31 years ago that he made this statement. In those days and in that era’s viewpoint, this was expensive, but reachable. Of course today we know that is an absurd statement in present time, for we now talk in terabytes. Ironically, I found this quote in one of the quote-dedicated sites. It was placed in the category of "Stupid quotes". I don't think it to be stupid, for it was quite the statement for the time.

    There has always been a tug-o-war between hardware and software through the years. Hardware, for the most part, has usually been more lax, but with recent technological breakthroughs, especially with memory medium and capacity, presently software may be lax. Why with newly developing architecture, HDDs, faster processors, larger RAM, graphic cards with their onboard RAM and architecture, and now the newly rediscovered and implemented touch technology, with this all at very reasonable price, I believe, has catapulted us into another phase of enterprise and home computing. Let’s call it the year of Windows 8. Mark it on your mind's calendar.

    All the more reason for MS and others writing apps to develop new implementation of the new UI. I’ll leave it up to you fellows to report how they manage to do that, but for sure, it seems to me, that they will pour a lot of effort and resources to make it work.

    We were ever slowly reaching and now quickly reaching the “Star Trek” level of technology so far as computing goes. As of June of this year the IBM Sequoia Blue Gene/Q supercomputer runs at 16.32 petaflops. That's mighty fast! This record is usually broken approximately once every year.

    So far as "Star Trek" type engines and warp speeds, well, we’ll have a way to go there with that technology.

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    I don't exclude a last minute decision to make booting into the Metro UI an option (just plain common sens). But probably I must be dreaming writing so.
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Is there a new build of Windows 8?
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