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Windows 7 will be supported until 2020.
I don't care about how long MS will support W7 if in 3 years you will be practicaly forced to install Metro OS to connect to the world, social medias, news, video, e-mail whatever. I hope that won't happen thought. Poeple are not crazy.
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The desktop market is no longer the only platform that Microsoft have to support, the Windows 8 Metro idea is an understandable route for them to go.
No. Total, stubborn, narrow-minded, obssessed opposition to modify three lines of codes to make Metro Start Screen optionable is NOT by any stretch of the imagination understandable. Sorry.
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business is where Microsoft have to maintain their market dominance
Just to counter the very bad press and avoid severe backlash should be a reason to listen to customer critics of W8 (and do the above). Your reasoning makes no sens, Barman.
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who knows perhaps Metro will become as much of an institution as the start menu
I'll bet you money it won't survive the winter 2012 (I mean on normal computers).