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no multitasking ?

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    no multitasking ?

    I like to listen to the radio on my computer. I'll use applications like iheartradio and an ESPN radio streaming app. I've noticed that when i have my radio or music player, when i click on the metro ui desktop the radio mutes. It doesn't stop and come back, but it mutes. So for example, i'm using google chrome right now, i have a couple tabs open. One of the tabs is espn radio. When i move my moues to the left hand corner and click "start" to bring up the metro ui apps, the radio stops. It doesn't come back until i click on google chrome again. I'm assuming there is no way to fix this.. Is it because this OS is made for tablets and or phones? Thanks

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    windows 8

    Also, i have a back button on my mouse which i love. But it doesn't work in any of the applications. For example, if i am viewing a page in the sports app, i want to go back, the back button doesn't work. I have to hit the back button that is in the top left hand corner. Any way to change that?

    btw i figure out a way to keep the radio playing, i have to play it in the desktop version of google chrome. Not the metro version
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    Windows 8 by default pauses Metro apps that are not in active use.

    There are multitasking APIs that allow for specific apps to continue running in the background, but it seems like Chrome doesn't implement this.
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    You must use the desktop to multitask.
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    Theoretically, the app developer should had used a specific API to prevent that.

    You CAN use the radio alongside chrome or on the Desktop if your screen resolution is high enough, simply go to chrome, select the radio app, and snap it left or right on the screen. It'll continue to play.
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no multitasking ?
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