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Basic Windows(8) help needed

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    Basic Windows(8) help needed

    About 1 week ago I automatically downloaded a microsoft update that seemed to go OK. At one Point it did ask for my name and I typed in John Smith. Ever since, when I turn my computer on it seems to have to start from new, meaning my start page is not there, my internet home page is not there, nothing in My Documents, My Pictures, My Music Files.

    I since discovered in one of my navigation Panes, under Libraries, is a John Smith folder with nothing in it. I had not read the question well. My computer had always recognized me as John. If I go to My Computer, Users, there is John and all of my pictures and music and everything.

    How can I get my computer to boot up as John and get rid of John Smith? For this information I would be willing to bear your children, kill anyone you want dead. Name it.

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    For this information I would be willing to bear your children, kill anyone you want dead. Name it.

    I am not in win8 atm - I can only take it in small doses.

    There is probably something in control panel for user accounts - if you switch to admin acct first, it will probably let you delete the account you don't want.

    Unless you set up a microsoft account with that name by accident.

    In that case, I have no idea how tenacious it may be.
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    Can you remember which update it was? I have all the updates, but cannot recall one which asked for my name?? But a thought occurred to me that maybe , somehow, your regular account, "John" was accidentally deleted before the update, and it subsequently, did not know where to apply it - hence the question.
    A wild suugestion. Have you looked in the Recycle bin to see if your "John" folder is possibly there?
    One more query, to shed some light on this. You say you opened "My Computer", to look for your username. Was that in libraries, or? I do not have a folder or item of that name.
    Final solution will be, if you cannot locate "John", is, as SIW2 suggests, you will have to recreate the username and start over.

    P.S. Just wanted to add - I just checked my updates, (RTM), as a result of your post. Apart from Defender, I don't have any Windows update specifics, only programs I have since installed.
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    It kind of sounds like you inadvertently switched to a Microsoft account and not a local account.

    Did you by chance get prompted for an email address or password?

    But very strange overall, strange indeed.
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Basic Windows(8) help needed
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