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Who really NEEDS desktop anymore -- even omn a PC

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    I don't have to unpin any tiles, ever...

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    If you are right or left clicking the mouse,
    you are performing the same physical movement,
    as an unpin or pin action.

    So whether you are maintaining the 8UI or the desktop UI,
    it is the same type of work.
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    If you don't have to maintain the 8UI,

    One less task.
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    I sympathize with those who are into Microsoft seminars and certifications.
    It is another huge money maker for MS to "certify" analysts and techs.
    I myself, have spent a few thousand on training for MCP, MCSE, A+, NET+, books, manuals, software, etc...
    There is not enough time to absorb all the data and reflect unless you are a computer or a whiz.
    Things change quickly in this field.
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    ^ Yes, being in IT is a never changing field. I always laugh when people get pissed because they have to recertify. What did you think was going to happen, the products were going to stay stagnant.
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    I was hoping.
    Very pricey.
    Very time consuming.
    I decided in college, when writing a 120 page COBOL feed,
    that I was not really interested in banging my head against
    the wall anymore.

    Assembly is fun if you can think in Binary.
    CPU design and bit flow is really simple.

    I have a headache.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FSeal View Post
    Heh exactly, and the next time you install a new program it's not going to splatter your task bar with 15 unwanted app icons 13 of which you will never use (cough)Metro(cough)
    Windows 8 isn't even released for the general public and you expect legacy applications to already install differently than it does in 7. Once companies start to update their applications with Windows 8 in mind I'm sure you'll be given more control on how the shortcuts are setup during the installation process.
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    Hi there
    If you REALLY organise your stuff the way you want it (and without having to have a hideously crowded quick launch bar or a desktop with 1,001 zillion shortcuts) I think (apart from the obvious "Horror" of the design of the start screen) the Windows 8 start screen is quite a good idea.

    You DO need to unpin all the stuff you rarely use and when you install a "classical Windows application" such as Visual Studio - you need also to unpin all the zillions of superfluous tiles and move the stuff you DO need to an appropriate location on the start screen.

    Actually I'm beginning to find the whole Windows 7 (and earlier) classic start menu rather cumbersome these days.

    I just wish MS had got some guys / gals / and those who haven't quite decided which they are who work in things like design etc to dramatically improve the sheer ugliness of those tiles when you install standard windows applications.

    I know enough people in graphic design who would have jumped at a chance to do this for Ms.

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    You can have a desktop with all the stuff you need and it doesn't have to be crowded.
    I have six folders on my desktop given the names: Misc. programs, Misc. Folders, System Information, System Tools, Security, and Other. They all have short cuts to what I want. I also have the Control Panel icon along with the Computer icon. Down in the Quick Launch bar, I have seven of what I use most of the time. So I have just about everything I need without a cluttered desktop. I'm not saying that it is the way a desktop should be setup. I'm just saying that's way I like to have mine. Once I have Win 8 for a while, I might do things different.
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Who really NEEDS desktop anymore -- even omn a PC
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