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Another reason I'll stay with Windows 7

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    Another reason I'll stay with Windows 7

    I don't recall seeing this one mentioned here so I have to wonder: am I the only one who uses the Windows 7 jump lists?

    More times than I can recall I've edited a document and then saved it someplace other than where I thought it was, or with a different name than I thought. So when I need to go back to something I recently edited, I just hover over the application on the Win7 start menu and there it is in the list of recent documents. One more click and it's open.

    Yes, I know I can open the application (like Word or Excel) and get a list of recent documents that way, but from the jump list it's just a matter of hovering the mouse, clicking on the document name, and *presto* it's open for me. Since the jump list also typically includes the file location that's handy too: if it isn't where I want it to be I don't need to open it - I can find it in Explorer and move it from there.

    Maybe this feature does really exist in Win8 someplace (out of the box, that is - not including a third-party app)? If so, where and how do I use it?

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    Jumplists do exist in Windows 8. You can change the properties of the taskbar to enable or disable them.

    I've found that with an app either pinned to the taskbar in the classic desktop or the app running and appearing on the taskbar that I can right click on it and see the jumplist.

    Hope this helps.
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Another reason I'll stay with Windows 7
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