I was having some trouble with my installation, so I was looking around for some help.
I found a possible solution in the "REFRESH" option!
I clicked on it & every thing was "REFRESHED" all right!
All was left with was the basic Win8 install!

This is the reason always test Beta programs on a stand-alone computer!

It said it would keep personal files but it didn't.

One look & decided a re-install would re-install al the Apps in Win8 (Metro).

The re-install did not re-stall the Win8 as it was on the first install.

I learned more about Win8 by loading all the "APPS", re-installing all the programs & setting them up, than I new up to then!

The only problem I had was that when I tried to install Office 1210 Home & Office, an error occurred that said it had been installed on anther site. I also have it on my main Win7 computer but with a different Key.

I am working with MS on this.

I was a real learning experience!

Good thing this was on a BETA testing setup & I am retired!

The more I get into the "GUTS" of Win8, the more I think it will be a winner!


"The Old One"