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What happened to the Backup Function??

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    Winnipeg, Canada
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Centre RTM

    What happened to the Backup Function??

    I downloaded and installed the RTM yesterday from TechNet. Installed without a hitch. I wasn't a fan at first, but I'm getting used to it. The only thing is that I can't find Backup. Has Microsoft removed it, or am I just not looking in the right place? This will be a deal breaker for me as I am wanting to backup to my external drive on a weekly basis. I don't want to have to go out and buy Acronis now. Any ideas??


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    Windows 8 Pro ($39.99 upgrade)

    For backup you need to look under file history I believe in Windows 8,

    maybe this will help : Microsoft details Windows 8 backup system, hoping people will use it this time | ZDNet
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    Windows 7/8

    He says in the middle "Crucially, the File History system does not offer full system backup — however, people will still be able to use the old Windows Backup to do this, if they so wish." So It may be still there somewhere...
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    It's called Windows 7 File Recovery, and it's hidden in the control panel (although it will show up under settings if you search from the start screen, but that of course requires you to know it's name ).
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    Is the ability to do system images still available in the RTM?

    I ask because sys-images are my preferred method of backup.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    Probably not, given the reset and refresh options do basically the same thing - however, unless you're an OEM, customizing these isn't easy. I haven't looked, but I wouldn't expect them to be. If they are though, that'd be interesting .
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    Making a full backup at the moment including system image.
    Using Windows 7 File Recovery as mentioned by cluberti it is the same as W8 RP
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    W8 Enterprise 64

    All previous (Windows 7) backup methods are available in Windows 8. You can do image backups and back up your files and folders like you used to do with Windows 7. I'm using W8 Enterprise (from Technet) and I don't think that situation is any different with W8 Pro.

    I can't say anything about "non-Pro/Enterprise" Windows 8 though, since I haven't ever used any "Home" versions or equivalents.

    There is only one restriction: You can't use Windows File History (new functionality in W8) if you SCHEDULE your image backups. If you are using Windows File History, you can do image backups manually by clicking "Backup now" -button or from command line using wbadmin. You can probably schedule image backups manually and File History keeps working, but I haven't tried that.

    W8 can even create a recovery disc for you (like W7) and it includes all new W8 recovery methods and older "restore from image" functionality.

    I'm currently using (hourly) File History to network location and manual image backups to USB HDD. Works like a charm. I even made my USB HDD bootable so I can boot directly to W8 recovery environment with it.
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    MS have left win7 backup imaging in.

    It is now a legacy program

    There will be no updates or improvements. It is just there for those who already made win7 backup images they may need to access.

    They are not planning to keep it in the next windows.

    Seems they can't wait to rip it out.
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    7/8/ubuntu/Linux Deepin

    Seems to me MS have given up trying to persuade the public to make images.

    They have come up with another idea. Refresh and Reset.

    Nowhere near as good as your own image backup - but better than nothing.

    Pretty sensible of them to provide those.
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What happened to the Backup Function??
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