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Has Microsoft beaten Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
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    Problem is, people don't use those devices in the same way and unifying the interface and applications across such massively disparate platforms is more Folly than Genius.

    It's like when you go to a web site with a tablet and get the mobile version of it. Stupid and useless, let alone on a desktop! The phone version of a mail program and the desktop version of a mail program are two totally different things in design, layout and function (AND SHOULD BE). And that goes for everything else too :/
    You actually don't get the mobile version of site with a tablet PC as far as I know.
    We'll see, it happens constantly on Android tabs though, it was just an example of how useless phone and tablet interfaces on a desktop are... (Well in that case an example of how useless a phone interface on a tablet is. Phone, Tablet, Desktop, all different, one interface cannot Rule Them All...)

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    It bet it happens a lot on phablets. The site's server detects the device as android 3 or 4 and says, "Hey! Someone's using their phone to access this site!" And therefore renders the mobile version.

    Now, a Windows tablet PC is different because the server will detect the user's PC as Windows 8 using Internet Explorer 10 or some other browser. Therefore the server renders the normal desktop version. On a a Windows Phone 8, the server will detect that since phone is in the name of Windows Phone, the correct mobile version will render.
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    That is not the point he is making.

    This is the point:

    people don't use those devices in the same way and unifying the interface and applications across such massively disparate platforms is more Folly than Genius.
    Tim Cook said pretty much the same thing:

    'You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator,' Cook replied, 'but those aren't going to be pleasing to the user.'

    Claiming that any convergence between tablets and laptops would result in a dilution of both, Cook further explained that 'we are not going to that part, but others might from a defensive point of view.'
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Has Microsoft beaten Apple
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