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It's not so much a struggle with it per se. The question I struggle with is whether it's advantageous to upgrade my personal computer to it, or whether it's worthwhile to upgrade our business desktops to it. Technically I know how it works and I understand it. But it really makes my computer run and operate far more closely to my smartphone and my tablet and plain and simple I don't really want my desktop computer to operate in the same manner. I find myself wishing that things were different when I am in Windows 8 (as I use it daily at work now as a test), and I find that I miss some things (like emails that arrive, or notifications in Metro apps), so I am not yet convinced this will really fit well with my personal style of using a computer.
I like W8 and Metro, it works for me on my personal and work computer but my recommendation this week at a meeting was no for upgrades. We'll be doing more testing and probably building some Apps as we see a bit of potential there but will re-evaluate when SP1 is released. However, I anticipate W8 tablets will be used sooner than that as they offer more value at the moment.