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App view gone

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    App view gone

    I have a problem which I caused. I cannot get any info at the Apps screen. I can move all around the screen, I can search for anything but appís. I went to uninstall and all the programs are there. I in my eagerness to clean up things stopped some program which controls the apps screen. I can call up the task Manager , then wait a minute and all my icons start to populate. I then close the task Manager and I can run any program I want. Some I donít have a desktop icon I just go the program files and select the one I want. Also my grandson uses this PC. He goes in as a different user and its all there, he can get all his apps to display on the screen. How can I get the apps screen back and populated with my programs?

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    You can try deleting your profile and create a new one.
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    I also lost the Start screen. I'll try removing my profile but I don't really where to find a profile unless. You mean remove myself as a user. I am the only administretorv so if I delete me as a user then how will I set up a new user?
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    Create a new a administrator account for yourself. Log off. Log in through the new administrator account and delete the previous one.

    Hope I could help
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    I tried to create a new user as a administrator but it would not allow me to do it. Went back to look at the taskmgr to see what prog were still running and those disabled or stopped. Then I went to the working user and compared. To difficult as we had a diff set of running progs. I then took my best guess,as it's not working now. Well it got worse so since I need this thing to go I'll refresh again. I did that several months ago and it's ok. I sure hate to have to reload all my programs but it does creat a file of the removed progs. My data,docs,favorites/bookmarks,emails,tasks,contacts will be ok. Thanks for all the ideas and help.
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App view gone
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