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Metro Lovers -- Please tell me how to organise tiles for THESE

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    Hi there
    I think a lot of you have missed the point here -- take Adobe CS2 -- now instead of having the whole 20 or so CS2 apps in INDIVIDUAL TILES why can't I have a SINGLE TILE ADOBE CS2" which when being clicked expands into the SUB TILES containing the CS2 programs for example Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc . Now if I don't want all the 20 or so applications in the sub group I can delete them.

    I don't want the INITIAL start screen to have all these zillions of tiles -- much easier to have a FEW like I suggested which then expand.

    However since starting this thread I now use Custom toolbars with programs attached to these toolbars like a Menu. This for me works better than the start screen and the search once you get used to it is quite powerful in W8.

    Using the Toolbar method gives you almost a menu back again --in a more convenient form than the standard menu

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    jimbo, I have the toolbars installed on my desktop also. But I've got accustomed to using Brink's start screen shortcut & all apps shortcut because of vision limitations. The tiles don't need to be as big as they are on the start screen but I have no problem using them because they do stay where I put them.

    The All apps screen on the other hand uses a much more size comfortable tile. It shows the tiles in alphabetical order but there's not a problem either.

    How about an 'All Apps' setup working like the one below?
    1. When you scroll to the right— all you see are collapsed title bars
    2. The first time you click on the title bar— all subfolders are visible
    3. Right clicking on a subfolder gives options to— pin it to the start menu and/or taskbar. Plus the option to unpin it from the menu which would generate the subfolder 'Show All'.
    4. Clicking on a title bar evokes its popout menu with— subfolders you did not unpin and the 'Show All' folder.
    5. Once you click on your choice in all collapses back into the title bar.

    'Windows Accessories' was a title bar until I clicked it. It expanded— showing 5 subfolders I left pinned and the 'Show All' folder to view the 11 subfolders I unpinned.

    Once I made my choice it collapsed back into the title bar.
    There's absolutely nothing wrong with toolbars, have been using them since XP. It's just that the all Apps' screen works better for me because my vision.

    I'm not going to start bashing MS now but, how hard you think it would be for them to incorporate this since they are already letting us pin or unpin those programs to start screen?

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    I would almost bet that by limiting columns of tiles, a person may never need to scroll the start screen again using this method.
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    jimbo, I believe I'm talking about is nothing more than glorified toolbars on the 'All apps' screen. With differences being:
    1. Size of desktop toolbar contents vs All apps toolbar contents
    2. Ability to easily view/ hide subfolders with Show All making it easy to view unpinned subfolders

    Maybe fewer people would have been ill against MS over the missing start button if MS would have inserted some kind of user control like this.

    I didn't understand what everybody was yelling about it first with the missing start button. After pinning more apps to the start menu and installing more programs which 10 more apps automatically to the start menu myself, I understand. At least in part.
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Metro Lovers -- Please tell me how to organise tiles for THESE
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