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Windows Desktop to stay for the foreseeable future!

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    I read somewhere the most popular price point (in the uk ) is 349.00

    That is because it is the least you can pay and still get something that performs reasonably.

    Oem unit margins on machines at that price are so low, they can get more by selling the bundled McAffe - oem's get a large slice of the renewals as well.

    There is a good reason for that.

    It means oem's can afford to take low unit margins.

    Therefore, they can put more into the component costs, and still hit the consumer price points.

    If they did not make on bundled bloatware - they would have to put out lower spec machines at a given price point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertex View Post
    I think, it would have been a better solution if Windows 8 has a full-Metro and full-Desktop mode but either one can be disabled at will or have both of them running side by side but we know its too late for this now. Imagine, OEMs for Desktops, laptops and netbooks will have the Desktop as the default UI, complete with the Start button and Menu but still has the "new Windows UI" to be enabled as an option and tablets like the Surface will have the "new Windows UI" as Default to promote this new platform but still have the ability to run in full Desktop mode at will. If Surface was like that when I have enough money, I would choose that over any tablet any day and I swear that to God.

    If you think OEMs make most of their money selling hardware, think again. They have started into the apps or cloud business as well, suggested by the ton of bloatware preinstalled on their machines, most of which only add up to the long list of Startup items that I would rather not use. I just had a new Asus Netbook, 2 weeks ago. It came with Windows 7 Starter bundled with a ton of bloatware (as expected). When I open the My Computer window, it has an Asus Web storage link in there. The netbook also came with a cloud-based OS from Asus as well that I might never use cause the places I spend my time don't have their Wifi connections for public use and are probably slow.
    Yes, perhaps one mode or the other would have been a better choice on M$'s part, but here wouldn't be the confrontations on this forum and what fun would that be?! I'm looking forward to the Surface Pro myself.

    I see your point, but as soon as I get a device I strip out all the OEM bloating/brain-burning crap including their partition. Nothing but a waste of HD space and my time so far as I'm concerned. They must make some bucks on the hardware, but probably more on bloatware as you say.
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Windows Desktop to stay for the foreseeable future!
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