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Before the wife really throws the pc at me

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    Before the wife really throws the pc at me

    Hi All

    not sure if correct forum so feel fee to move.
    As per one of my previous posts i have let the wife loose with a spare laptop with Win8 on it, not sure if she's hating the laptop more than me at the moment so please help before the explosion comes.

    1. Need to stop the laptop switching from the start screen to the lock screen when she leaves the pc for a couple of minutes.

    2. she's getting really fed up with having to enter her password everytime she goes back to use the pc.
    I have gone into PC Settings, clicked users and wanted to change the sign in options there is a message there saying "Any user who has a password must enter it when waking this PC"
    underneath that in orange writing is
    "Security policies on this PC are preventing you from changing this setting" the Change icon is greyed out

    Please can someone tell me how to change this before i end up in hospital.

    I must say this is the most infuriating piece of software i've ever used and i thought Vista was bad when it was released. I took another spare laptop into work yesterday to let a few people have a play with Win8, didn't know some of the women could swear so much, overall concensus of the 20 people who had a play was "What the F**K"

    Please can someone help before the neigbours start to complain about the screaming.



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    Oh dear.

    It is looking more and more like MS is heading for a disaster.

    If it is a disaster, they only have themselves to blame.
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    Go to power options and change the "turn off screen" and "put the computer to sleep" times. Change them to never.
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    Then don't let your wife use Windows 8 if she's hating it. Lees risk of being in trouble though. You know, you're not the only one on this forum that tells of their wives' reaction on Windows 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    Oh dear.

    It is looking more and more like MS is heading for a disaster.

    If it is a disaster, they only have themselves to blame.
    For a preview OS?
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    Click image for larger version
    Go the Power Options (type in Start Screen) and open that up. Change the current plan settings and select Change settings that are currently unavailable. That'll let you change the setting to...
    Click image for larger version

    Also, if you don't want your wife to put in a password all the time at startup, you can make a picture password of simple lines and/or clicking. Or to bypass password login all the time, like if she's on it with a Microsoft Account, type in netplwiz at the Start Screen. In the Users tab, uncheck the box that says Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Hit apply, and she'll be automatically logged in without password.

    Also, I should suggest to please your wife and pin Desktop items to the Start Screen. On a Library, folder, or hard drive, right click on it in Explorer and hit Pin to Start. It makes a shortcut tile and you can drag it around anywhere.

    Windows 8 isn't a bad OS, unless if you decide to NOT customize or tweak things to your liking. It's obvious that there will be usability issues if the only thing on the Start Screen are the metro apps and no Desktop apps or locations that are used often.
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    Hi Coke Robot
    Those were the 1st things i tried, still asks for a password if leave the laptop for a while, the lock screen comes up, press the win key, asks for a password. leave laptop a bit longer so scrren goes blank (presume sleeping) press win key, asks for a password.

    I'm only running the laptop on mains as battery has failed waiting for new one from ebay, i have set the power plan settings when on mains powerto the following
    never dim the display (seems to work)
    turn off the display (30 minutes) doesn't work seems to turn off after 10 mins
    put computer to sleep (45 minutes) doesn't seem to work goes to sleep after about 15 - 20 minutes
    require password on wake up to never (doesn't work)
    Allow hybrid sleep = off
    hibernate after = off
    both accounts are administrator accounts both mine and wifes account do the same.

    i have also tried settingup another acount with no password and that still does the same
    at moment i've set it to use a pin code instead of wife having to type her password in every time.

    Going to install start8 and or classic shell later tonight as wife won't put up with win8 much longer


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    Aquatarkus, just go into power settings, and set the password to blank. "change password, remove the ******, and then when it is blank apply, then OK.
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    This setting is in the same place as it's always been, on the screen saver dialog. How you get to it has changed a little, but that change has been in place since Vista.

    Right click on desktop, choose personalize, click on Screen Saver in the lower right, uncheck "On Resume, display login screen"

    It always amuses me when people complain about a new OS for something that's been there for at least 2 or 3 versions. It just shows that people are willing to blame a new OS for anything.
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    I have a laptop setup at work for people who want to check it out. I have a user account with a password setup. I simply went into Settings, Power Options and told it to never put the computer to sleep, I don't have it turning off the display, and I have left the "new Windows UI" page up for hours on end and it's not locking or doing anything else. Just sitting there.
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Before the wife really throws the pc at me
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