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Windows 8 Enterprise N....

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    Windows 8 Enterprise N....

    Well, I did it, I'm running the Enterprise N version of 8 on my puter and for all those that are wondering about details...

    Whoa. I've yet to be able to active it, I doubt I'll be able to, but Start Screen patterns are a glorious ridiculous! I've seen a few screenshots of them, wow! Screams Zune Characters to me. But the default pattern for some reason reminds me of sperm and egg.... I don't know why. There are a few tweaks to the Store, as well as Xbox branding on Music and Video, which aren't by default installed. There's a Bing app that's pretty neat. Pinning Desktop items looks different as the icon is now larger and the text is now ALL the same size regardless of app type. Honestly, how the Start Screen appears to function and designed, it kind of seems like it will allow for a full screen image without a little colored ribbon. Everything seems to function the same as the Release Preview, but I notice that the CPU usage is different. Before, my lowest CPU speed was at 800 MHz, it now goes to 780 MHz and literally everything in between that I never though my processor could go at.

    Now, for everyone that's wondering, the Desktop. Aero has been scrapped altogether, I can't even find a single reference to the word "Aero" anywhere. The Taskbar though is transparent, and I actually really like it. It's just transparent, no glassiness, just transparency. The windows though are not, they're solid colors. The window control buttons are redesigned as well, they look more like Office 2013's buttons. There is a full on new sound scheme, oooohhh... If I had to describe it, it sound like futurie harpy angelic pianoie moderness. It's VERY different than what has been in Windows since vista sound wise. I like! The iconography on the Desktop hasn't changed a bit except for the nav and up buttons.

    But I have a sneaking suspicion that the N version is technically the RTM build, but not the actual final build. Like, maybe a few builds away from being the actual one if you get my meaning. I say this because of a watermark on the Desktop. Also, the lack of metro styled (or Windows 8 styled) iconography like Office 2013 does. There is also some strangeness with the sounds, as there is a logon sound that is different but should be titled sign on preferably, and a logoff sound that is the old sound in 7 and vista. And there is an unlock sound too.

    Overall, it's still very fast. IE 10 seems to be more beastly and I've read a few other people say that it out does chrome. But I haven't yet to test it fully.

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    So no major changes from Consumer Preview?, also, any more apps in the store right now or no?

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    Pictures please of the Desktop area's Windows Explorer windows and the new taskbar?
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    Windows 8 RTM (Retinas taking damage...)

    I can post pics soon. I'll have to say that some of the lock screen pics look like some 7 year old went crazy with gradients in photoshop.
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    Genuine OEM licensees are given activation keys. Other than that I don't think it is possible to activate this copy.
    " Pinning Desktop items looks different as the icon is now larger and the text is now ALL the same size regardless of app type"
    Not sure about that one. I don't see a great deal of difference from earlier releases?

    Click image for larger version

    The transparency can still be adjusted, as before, through the personalise - Windows colour option, but with everything wound out, still remains transparent.
    I am 100% with phailyoors penultimate remark. This is a final, or close to, Beta test release. A final release, even to OEM, would not show a build in the watermark!
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    Click image for larger version
    This here is a barely finished put together Start Screen, what really caught my attention was that there is a little watermark saying to activate on the Start Screen and Desktop. I'll throw up some Desktop screenshots a bit later as I am in the Release Preview. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm going to be damn happy that soon it will the LAST time I need to reconfigure and set up libraries and such again.
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    I present a plethora of screenshots....

    Click image for larger version
    Control Panel
    Click image for larger version
    Different patterns for the Start Screen, they appear to be fantastically crazy
    Click image for larger version
    Lock Screens
    Click image for larger version
    The Desktop
    Click image for larger version
    Computer that looks whiter
    Click image for larger version
    How the Charms charm the Desktop
    Click image for larger version
    Desktop Peek is enabled by default in this build and this is how it looks
    Click image for larger version
    You can see the makings of Xbox Music with the new live tile preview of what you're listening to. You also can see the classical games of Solitaire and the beloved Minesweeper as games you can download.

    And yes, this has been a tour.

    But I still feel that this isn't a completed final RTM build. Xbox Music is OBVIOUSLY NOWHERE near being completed, as it does not play music oddly enough. It also doesn't appear to be what Microsoft has shown what it will be. There are some weird oddities that wouldn't EVER be in an official RTM build.
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    Interesting wallpaper.

    The rest of it looks positively disgusting to me.

    I expect there will be hacks coming to avoid those large clocks and fairy wands blighting the screen.

    There will probably be our friends at deviant art putting themes together to try and make win8 appear less visually repellant.

    That would just be scratching the surface though.

    The holy grail is getting rid of or at least completely hiding the metro stuff.
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    Hi there
    Still LOATHE the "Kiddy" Menu.

    It's a PC for ''''sake. It' NOT an overblown smartphone or a teenagers XBOX.

    I'll still use it as a Conventional desktop.

    I'll try Enterprise as I can either download from a torrent -- it's all out in the wild now on any self respecting Torrent site - or wait for a proper copy from TechNet but I still say what use are all these full screen apps on a HUGE 50 inch monitor -- the quality starts degrading too at those large screen sizes.

    A classic desktop with a zillion and one windows working on up to 4 monitors is how I usually use a computer so the whole Metro stuff (or whatever it's called these days) can just quietly go back to an appropriate mobile device such as a smartphone where it probably belongs.

    The screenshots don't bring anything new to the table from what I can see that we didn't know already.

    The Pinkish colour screenshots (PC Settings) looks positively VILE to me too. I think I'd chuck the laptop at the first moving object I saw if I had to look at that screen for more than about 7 secs A CENTURY. !!

    The control panel shots look somewhat similar to the customize your server in Windows 2012 server but not in those HIDEOUS colours though thank goodness.

    I can see the "De-Uglification" project going into BIG TIME for Windows 8 if the above screens are really indicative of how it looks and feels.

    Getting rid / hiding metro is SIMPLE with the free app Classic shell.

    See my posts nrs 18 and 20 in the following w7 thread where I've made W8 almost 99% look and behave like W7 and you can boot straight into desktop (although metro will appear for a tiny fraction of time before it disappears to the desktop -- OK by me).

    Is 'Metro' now a banned word at Microsoft? - Page 2 - Windows 7 Forums

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    Not really Jimbo.

    You are looking at it as a simple clicker/jabber.

    They have been ripping stuff out of desktop in the client builds. For those of us who want to control our own pc's - it is apalling.

    I might need to consider if I am going to buy it at all now.

    I was going to - but it is so awful - not sure I should encourage MS.
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Windows 8 Enterprise N....
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