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    Peripheral Drivers

    What about installing drivers for MBs and peripherals?
    That stuff comes on optical discs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coke Robot View Post
    Native DVD playback was needed back in the day when people did use DVDs a lot more often than now. Netflix beats DVDs almost everyday. An 8 or 16 gig flash drive DEFINTELY beats using disks. Then again, PCs were different back then. Nowadays with ultrabooks and tablets, a DVD drive is wasted space as chances are that most people won't need to be using them often, or at least use an external drive. I for one don't see a lot of value to have media center as it's not improved in the slightest and VLC player does the trick for me.
    I don't use Netflix and my Internet connection is not fast enough to download movies in about an hour or so. I'm not an enthusiast of the DVD but I still use it sometimes and it has impressed me that I could play those movies from a disc on the comfort of my PC espcially when I was using Vista (dunno what sort of gift my Vista Realtek sound driver had at that time that when I adjusted the setting to Studio Quality, the movie, being Pearl Harbor sound just got absolutely God-given cinematic high def even though I used a crappy headset). Sadly, it wasn't the same with Windows 7. It would just add a buzzing noise beneath the audio when I adjusted the sound quality to Studio quality so I just had to put it to DVD Quality. Dunno if anyone else experienced the same.

    I use Shark007 Codecs for Windows 7 so I don't have any full third party media players there. I have VLC on my Windows 8 because it can put more volume to it and play more formats but I didn't set it as default media player cause I hate those orange cone icons.

    Just because its doesn't seem to be widely used anymore doesn't mean, there is no reason to put it there anymore. It would further add to the frustration of an indefinite number of Average Joes and even DVD enthusiasts in using their Windows 8 computers for the first time, learning that it has lost the ability to play DVDs or watch live TV by default when the past few versions of Windows have always had them. This will excite mostly developers of third party media players. Windows 7 is great and dandy, definitely still not "cheesy" to me but why take away built-in features from it, which will only make them lose reputation?

    Windows 8 has a significant number of features added but many are most likely gonna frustrate Average Joes if not pose no use to them because they don't know about those features anyway ( such as the "New Windows UI", lock screen, storage pools, file history). On the other side, some significant features that has higher chances to affect the average Joe were taken away (classic Start Menu, Start Button, Aero, full Desktop mode, WMC, native DVD playback). This is just for the most part, terribly WRONG on the side of M$.

    As I said before, I would still be willing to pay a bit more extra for Windows 8 if only it still had those features it was stripped off.
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    for the average pc user i imagine most will be very unhappy to pay for a new op system and not have the use of the dvd player that is still a part of every pc i have seen in a shop
    tablets are tablets and a pc has a dvd player in it
    that wont work-----cmon guys its obvious whats going to happen i will be telling my family not to install 8 till i investigate further and any friends i will NOT be going round and trying to get there dvd to work
    so in the 500 computers i saw in electrical store last week they had 500 dvd drives in them
    and some rocket surgeon has decided 8 wont have dvd support
    they funny they are
    cheers brian
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