Hi friends
I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview (on Windowsc7) about few months ago. Then I upgraded it to Release Preview. It worked fine forme since a couple of days ago.

I was using my laptop, I closed it without shutting it down. The light colour indicated its gone 2 sleep, I then opened the laptop expecting it will show sign in screen, it didn't & I hard switched off by long pressing the on/off button on laptop. When I needed it later on I switched it on & it
1- it started normal, went to that screened which shows WINDOWS 8 circular moving dots under it.
2- After it I didn't see the sign in screen 4 a while & it showed simple black screen. I touched random buttons to bring sign in screen but nothing happened. I switched it off by hard pressing the button restarted few times but to no avail.
3- Then I tried pressing F8 to go in Safe Mode but it didn't work. It took me in a screen with recovery options & I selected AUTO REPAIR. it said AUTO REPAIR couldn't fix the problem. I restarted again few times again but it only showed me that blank screen where I could see mouse cursor, I tried to click the place (by guess lol) where normally password box is & I typed the password & hit enter & luckily it flicked & took me into Destop Screen but with only bottom bar showing & all the screen above it was plain black (I cud see 3icons on this bottom bar only).
4- When I click any of 3icons it shows nothing on screen but tiny icon appears on bottom bar. I moved cursor to left bottom corner & I could go into Metro Start screen. Every metro app works fine but nothing else works which worked b4 (from Desktop Screen).
5- I've clicked Desktop icon on Metro Start & Windows Explorer but it does open the app. So now only Metro apps works& nothing else.
6- I've tried Refreshing PC & Even Resetting it but when I click any of them it only shows blue circle for a sec (circle which which u normally see when PC is busy doing something)& nothing happens.
7- I apologise 4 such a long post but just wanted to tell my problem in detail.
I humbly request for help as I've some important data on laptop & need it qik. Plz help. Thanx in advance.