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What are the OEMs official stance on how Windows 8 will affect sales?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I said phones. It has sold well and continues to do so.

    It hasn't done well on tablets.

    It needs work. The variant running on nexus looks better.

    It will get better still.

    many of those OSes aren't user friendly enough
    Yes, I agree.

    That doesn't mean they can't be made user friendly.
    Yeah, I know you're talking about android phones. They have been selling well, but again, android ranks lower than ios or Windows Phone on the user satisfaction ranking. Popular doesn't always equate into being great. On tablets, it's iffy. ASUS, Samsung, I think Dell have been slaughtered when they used android on their tablets and want something better than can compete and exceed the ipad, as why many are pumped and ready for Windows 8.

    And yes, that doesn't mean Linux can't be made user friendly, but it's had a lot of time to get there and opportunity to overtake Windows the past decade, it has yet to do so. We'll see though.

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    Sales are what counts - Android has done well on phones

    Not well on tablets . Not yet.

    Google are having a go there - they aren't some tin pot concern. It will do better on tablets than it has so far.

    The landscape has changed.

    There wasn't any real attempt to make Linux work for the average prior to the phone stuff.

    Now the oem's know that it can sell.

    There wasn't any need for them to look elsewhere previously - the relationship with MS worked ok for the oem's - then .

    There is no point in talking about the past decade.

    Now is a different ball game.
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    Coke I am willing to bet that the nexus outsells the windows 8 tablets
    I am not arguing about which is the better OS but about pure sales.
    Lenova thinkpad 2 with w8 scheduled to launch October 26th with an estimated price of $1200
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    Yep. Thought they might be gunning for the ultrabook end.

    Surely MS can bring Surface in a lot less than that.

    Curious as to how they will price it.
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What are the OEMs official stance on how Windows 8 will affect sales?
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