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    But, it is a good thing that technology is becoming more user friendly, as that's just the natural evolution of technology in general. When the automobile was invented, you had to hand crank it up to get it going. Now, on many new cars, it's a simple push of abutton.

    Although this is a extreme example I can tell you that the hand cranked car COULD be fairly easily fixed by someone with very little knowledge because it is very simple and straight forward, sure it took some muscle to turn that crank but it WORKED, it was reliable for the most part and when it broke it was CHEAP and easy to fix with mostly some mechanical aptitude and common hand tools.

    That super easy to start car with the push button although it appears simple is exceedingly complicated, and when that electronic system fails, which on automotive systems they do over time because of the harsh environment there is NO way in hell a shade tree is going to repair it UNLESS it is the mechanical push button that is the failure, and I can tell you that button itself almost NEVER will fail.
    Yeah, the hand cranked car could be easily fixed whereas a bad button would be not, but chances are that the button wouldn't break so easily. Disregard the button ignition to keyed ignition. A hand crank versus a key ignition. Which has traditionally lasted longer and which has been around FAR longer than the other?

    Even then, what about using a simple screwdriver and a hand drill to build houses? The power drill can do both effortless. Technology changes, that's the only thing to expect with it. It changes for something better.

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    legacy7955 said:
    I can tell you that button itself almost NEVER will fail.
    That's not true, I would say around 63% of my computer repair work is replacing the power button on PCs.
    And if you wanted to go by odds, I would say the main 2 were the power button, and the mechanical HDD are the most often to fail, and need repaired/replaced.
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